Write A Movie Script

First steps

The first step of any movie making process, whatever it is a professional 35mm feature movie or a micro-budget digital outburst, is your movie script. Writing a movie script is a most hard and painful process in movie industry.

Opting a good movie script is a pain and headaches even for WB! First of all, you should be a talent! Not a guy who can right something, but a talent with original and realistic sense of dialogs. Once again, you should to be original son of the bitch! That means no formats or cliches, at least if they are not intended for original sarcasm!

Nobody will teach you how to be a talent, for any money, because nobody knows what is a talent. On our site like on other good bur expensive Hollywood schools we will teach you only the rules and methods of screenwriting for FREE.

Writing a movie script is the step where anyone in the world cannot be original to explain it. Yes, we can teach you how and where find financing for your future independent movie, how to promote and distribute it online, how to shrink down all shooting expenses, how to breakdown a movie script, etc, but not the talent! So, if you have not wrote it , or bought it here is your little hint: visit the IMDb script catalog and learn the movie script structure!

Your working plan:

  • Plot
  • Draft
  • Structure
  • Flashbacks
  • Hooks
  • Development
  • Denouement (the final resolution or clarification of a dramatic or narrative plot);

Keep in mind that your first movie script should be simple concerning shooting expenses and complicated on dialogs. You should to think like a businessman at the first plane and then like a creative artist. Put some actors in a dark room and at the end of the movie chop them all. Don’t start Avatar or Star Wars you are not Spielberg and your mother is not a Christy Walton! If you can keep it simple and interesting you will probably grow, and then…