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Jessica’s Room is a short horror film written and directed by Erik Knight.  It stars Deacon Ledges (Sevin Michaels), Alyson King (Melanie Beck), and David Jite (Eddie Shaw).  After the gruesome death of his best friend, Sevin Michaels is determined to get to the bottom of what really transpired at the Owen’s house, where a 10-year-old Jessica Owens allegedly murdered several people, including her own parents and Sevin’s best friend and business partner, John Street.

In his search for answers, Sevin carelessly drags Melanie Beck, and Eddie Shaw on a terrifying  journey into the waiting room to Hell.  As this seemingly professional troop of underground film makers attempt to uncover the truth at the Owens’ house, they soon discover the daunting reality of what really lies beneath the obvious.  Is the Owens’ house haunted or possessed?


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An end to classic cars in Cuba? NO FUCKING SHIT!

[blockquote]Havana, Cuba (CNN) — They rumble down city boulevards and country roads across Cuba: 1950s Fords, Buicks and Pontiacs, some in mint condition, others on the verge of collapse.

But a new law regulating property ownership in Cuba could change that.

At the recent four-day summit of the country’s Communist Party, President Raul Castro announced that the legal framework allowing people to buy and sell cars and homes was in the “final stages.”

What will this mean to the average Cuban?

He didn’t provide details, but many Cubans hope it will be the end of half a century of restrictions. Under current law, they can only freely buy and sell cars that were on the road in Cuba before Fidel Castro’s 1959 Revolution. CNN.[/blockquote]

AMIGO: “It could run for another half century!”

Look at the Cuba car market, it is still in a pre-historic dominance of American and Soviet cars of 50’s and 60’s! Many Cubans even never had in their lives that opportunity to seat on modern cars of XXI century! Holy fuck, the guys are still driving Plymouth and  Chevy of their grandparents!

Does the question about why do Americans still need that GM crap rolling out of the factories in now days arise in your head?



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Is it prohibitive to grab your beard?

Map of the US state of Florida

A man who was causing a disturbance outside Universal Studios in Florida died after being shocked with a Taser stun gun by off-duty police, US authorities have said.

Adam Spencer Johnson, 33, was said to have been acting irrationally when the five officers approached, police said.

The officers used a stun gun because Johnson was “violently” resisting arrest, said Sgt Barb Jones.

Mr Johnson became unresponsive on the ground and was later pronounced dead.

The off-duty officers responded to a call from a security guard at Universal Studios early on Friday morning about a man acting irrationally outside the Cinemax theaters in the city of Orlando.

“He was kind of pacing around, grabbing his beard, grabbing his head and hair, and they were trying to get a hold of him. He was being disorderly,” said Sgt Jones, of the Orlando Police Department.

“He was being disorderly” Fucking seriously?

He was disorderly because he was grabbing his beard and that is why


were trying to stiff that man, but if he was a mental? Is it how a normal man should react in the US? You see the “disordered” man, probably high by alcohol, drugs or mental problems and you fucking decide that this is annoying to DEATH! TO THE LITERAL DEATH!

[blockquote_message]Oh, look, a mental guy! Let’s get’em down![/blockquote_message]

Well who is next? This guy?


Man dies after police use Taser at Universal Studios BBC NEWS


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Serpico (1973) – Movie Review

We started with the Cruising in the last post and I think it is a good idea to continue with Al Pacino movies further.  Serpico is the best example of underrated movie of 70’s. This excellent melodrama movie is about a new New York cop Francesco Vincent Serpico played by Al Pacino who doesn’t want to admire the corruption inside his police department and tries to play a “fair cop game”

Serpico stands like a white crow among the others, do not taking the “severance pays” from the street “friends” and his bribed colleagues. Acting like a fair and honest cop he realizes that the whole department, the whole corrupted system goes against him, squeezing and smashing him psychlogically and eventually even physically.

This is a story about how the gray reality wants to change the man, how the corrupted and rusted regime tries to make from an honest and diligent man the cogwheel, the “passer” with no principles. This movie about a small man with the great heart and persistence.

Serpico is a great movie, it is an already classic  and there is no need to criticize or describe it anymore. It’s like a Godfather of it’s genre – simple and genius, nothing to add nothing to take. Just buy this movie whatever it cost and enjoy the journey to the last Hollywood’s golden age of 70’s.

So, like said one of Serpico’s mates approaching at the bed with the sleeping cop on it:

[blockquote_message]Drop your cocks and grab your sucks!… Serpico. 1973[/blockquote_message]


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My Favorite Old AVGN Reviews – Nintendo Nerd


Double Dragon III

Probably the best NES video game of cooperate action and beat’em’up genre! The Double Dragon III, the hardest and badass son of the bitch!

Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu

You should have to be already drunk enough to understand a gameplay of this freaking game. The controls are nuts!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage fucking mutant ninja turds… I’m sorry, turtles, is the shitiest variant for all assholes who has no brain in their dump cardboard heads! Really, why do the turtles can’t swim?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

And who gives a shit about Rabbit now? The best way to check it out is to watch how James Rolfe exposes the son of the bitch himself!

All those official angry Nintendo game reviews you can find on cinemassacre and screwattack websites.

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Wal-mart Nation? – Wal-mart Sucks!

Why is a billionaire jackass corporation became so well hatred amongst Americans? Because it’s screwed up them all and it still continues to do that! Actually, like any business corporation in the US it makes its homework well.  Starting from the consumer continuing with the “cheap” employees and destroyed small businesses Walmart established its own black mark of destruction. Thanks sirs… may I suck your digs for that?

The official Walmart advertising solemnly proclaims: MADE IN USA! Made in USA? What exactly was made in USA you turd suckers? You mean Walmart? The corporation? LOL!  May I buy it?

Yes, it was made in USA, and it’s absolutely nothing than an assets of the corporation which is held by 1% of the American population and you are not one of them! Walmart is nothing than a corporation, the status on a paper, the legal entity-and fucking yes its made in the USA…


So what? Why its so freaking cheap? Do you really believe that US made goods could be possible so outrageously cheap? The answer is simple-cheap ass products from China and cheap ass labor for 7$ per hour!

It destroys small business!

Yes it is! Use your logic, motherfucker – if your giant neighbor store is so successful, would anybody buy from you then? Isn’t simple formula? If you are dumb enough to not believe in that watch this:

Now, the typical reaction of the small business owners sounds like: “look out, Walmart is coming to our community!” So, now I know what means “high cost of the low prices”, year the high cost is our dismantling economy… but you don’t fucking worry,we still has that “low pierces”, boy! You still can buy a cheap Chinese plastic in Walmart and eat it!

Slave-Mart? Low wages?

Humping 12 hours 6/7 days for pennies just to pay for rent and a little bit to snack? Do you have any alternatives, especially if you are not speaking English well and the police is hunting for your “illegal” Hispanic ass? Sorry for intolerance, but that’s just so typical.. sad, but typical.

First of all, this is all about greed, and this is all about illegal immigrant labor, or at least desperate Americans who has no chances to find a job everywhere else. And that desperate position of the humiliated human being makes the corporation named Walmart so advanced. It’s like saying to society, exhaling death:

[blockquote_message]Be fucking poor enough to be enslaved in our labor and programs! Walmart-we are loving you![/blockquote_message]

Squeezing out on medical insurance?

Oh, my Lord Barrack Obama, I can’t afford Medicare, I can’t afford a medical insurance, what shall I do? Don’t fucking worry amigo, Wall-mart will fuck you directly in the ass so you will be charged with a new wave of opportunity to mop the floors and toilets on the maximal speed!  And I’m not talking about horror stories which you can find HERE

[blockquote]Just like in cartoons, my vision went blinding white then white stars speckled my vision for a good five seconds before I staggered to my feet.  I was in shock and started doing a zombie-shuffle back to my department, blood oozing from my scalp to my forehead.  Some form of management intercepted me and brought me to the back office.  I remember being sat down and thinking surely I was going to the hospital right up the road.  Literally, the hospital was five minutes away.  Instead of calling an ambulance, you know in case I had a concussion or worse, I was loaded into a manager’s personal car.[/blockquote]

Loaded into a manager’s personal car? For what for? To do a blow job? Is this a part of Walmart policy? Not yet, guys, but it will be.  The sense is clear – to not fucking pay for the medical insurance and social services, you know it is obligatory for an employer.

Stop fucking consuming like pigs!

Think about people starving all over the world, you are stinky bastards! Yeah, I’m talking to the middle ranged American consumer with PR -12 who created those corporations on their own ass. I’ve never seen a nation mutated so hard and desperate like American.

It “Free and cheap” for the masses! It turns out to transform the country into communism where you will have only one shop to buy there your favorite Chinese pork chops for fixed prices! Hurray, bitches!

It looks like a pig factory where you can get free, or a cheep food to be chopped up later. People who are eating shit are turning into a shit themselves! Remember, the greed creates monsters!

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I hate tomatoes – Tomatoes Sucks!

I hate tomatoes coz, they are already sound like banditos. I hate all Mexican and from Mexico, coz Mexicans are idiots and can’t speak English. It is a big same for them to not know the language in 21st century!  They are lousy idiots and uneducated, they are taking over our jobs and they are cause of all crimes.

[image small=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/bandito.gif” big=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/bandito.gif” align=”left” width=”250″ height=”150″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

If you see the Mexican on the street don’t even look at him, he doesn’t worth it, because he is a smuggler and bandit. If he is from your neighborhood he will probably steal your car and resell it to some niggers outside…

Trust only Europeans, they are saint and white. Moreover Europeans are never biased towards minorities and like close communities with color people.

So, why do I hate tomatoes?

They are red and they are not tasty!

Or did I mention that Mexicans are biased towards Native Americans and Europeans? They think that if they are majority now, it gives them a privilege! It unreasoned! It’s UNREASONED!

[image small=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/burito.gif” big=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/burito.gif” align=”right” width=”220″ height=”150″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

Tomatoes are heavy and consist in 80% of water, just like our globe. So why do you need to buy the red water if you can find it everywhere else for free?

What you can probably do from tomato? Salad? Juice? Stop kidding me! Tomatoes doesn’t deserve to be in my garner!

Don’t trust Mexicans and don’t buy from them, especially tomatoes, I heard that they poison them with drugs to destroy our society! Wake up America!



this was reaction on immigration law in Arizona

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