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  • Where to begin?

There are certain problems which might occur with any rookie screenwriter on the first steps of his career. First of all, as a movie writer or a script writer you need to think as a movie maker (producer). After you has realized that you have some idea, some plot try to pen it down on paper – that’s gonna be your sketching

  • Screenwriting format

As in Word or as in any other text editor it’s easy to set the following margins:

  1. Dialog left margin of 2.7” right margin of 2.4“.
  2. Character names left margin of 4.1“.
  3. Parenthetical direction within dialog left margin of 3.4” and a right margin of 3.1“.
  4. Scenes transitions such as CUT TO: and FADE OUT. have a left margin of 6.0″.
  5. Scene/shot numbers: When a script is numbered in preproduction, the left number is placed 1.0″ from the left edge of the page and the right scene number is placed 7.4″ from the left edge of the page.
  6. Top page margin is .5″ (or three single lines) before the page number. A single blank line separates the page number from the body of the script, which begins with either a CONTINUED: or a new shot heading/slug line.
  7. Bottom page margin is at least .5″ (or three single lines) following the (CONTINUED) or the end of a scene.
  8. Total page length is a maximum of 60 lines, including page number and CONTINUEDs (but not including the 3 line margins at the top and bottom of the page).
  9. Paper size is 8.5″ wide by 11″ long.


  • Font

Use 12-point Courier (not Courier New) or Prestige Pica. These are fixed-pitch fonts that yield ten (10) characters per horizontal inch and six (6) lines per vertical inch. You can download those fonts on the bottom of this page and import it ot your text editor.

  • Visual Example of your movie script


pulp fiction movie script


  • Download movie script template!

Just download the movie script template with preset margins and start writing your movie immediately.

  • Download the Final Draft Courier font!

Don’t forget to download the Final Draft Courier font for free, because it comes only with the software and many word processing programs do not include them. Now using these templates and fonts you can have your own screenwriting software for free!

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