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Into the Woods (2012) – Movie Concept

When a group of college friends are bored and want to get away from the stress the city is giving them, they all head out into rural Pennsylvania to a small wooded town called Black Creek. While there, they find the beautiful forest and quiet lake both relaxing and fun until they discover the dark truth about the woods.

The Jackal, a servant of a sinister God and a follower of a sadistic cult, is unleashed into the woods to destroy the sin that these friends brought into their land. Now these friends will fight to survive in these dark and isolated woods. What they thought was a typical weekend getaway will now turn into a horrible nightmare.

REVIEW: “The originality makes it great. You can tell by reading it that someone with a deep passion for horror wrote it. The witty humor is amazing. I found myself laughing a few times. The character diversity is great. Love it. The writing is actually great. It’s simple and easy to follow. The characters: You actually become attached to them and start to care for their well-being.

The killer: I love that this movie is more of a “who will die” instead of a “who is doing it” kind of thing. I think the gay element in horror is an area that hasn’t been explored yet (not seriously, at least) and I think that it is something that NEEDS to be done, as homosexuality is something that is apart of everyday society, and I’ve taken a liking to [that character,] Jake.

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Hollywood needs ideas – Idea protection

Hollywood needs idiots who will bring those ideas to them for free. No law protects the ideas because the idea is unidentified as a matter. You can create a book or a movie script and that will be a finished idea. But the idea about creating the particular book or a movie plot is unprotected.

[blockquote_message]The law too is ambivalent about ideas. It provides some protection to those who submit ideas to others (against the unauthorized use of those ideas), and it also provides some protection for those who receive idea submissions (against unwarranted claims by those who submitted them). Part of the law’s ambivalence is explained by nothing more than its efforts to balance competing interests.[/blockquote_message]

Copyright law is the first aid for writers and movie producers. Copyright law is the place where legal protection for literary and dramatic works. And that statement is already makes sense for you if you have a little bit brain in your head.

Create your idea in tangible material and submit it to Copyright Office (also online) and your rights are already legally protected. You can refer to that document, the certificate of the copyright in any time and it will be the best, not the only, but the best proof and ground for your claim!

Appeal to the Copyright law

[blockquote_message]In the 1950s, courts were confronted with several cases in which ideas had been used without authorization (or at least without compensation) under circumstances that seemed unfair, even though no copyrights had been infringed. Thus some courts—especially those in California—embarked on a search for legal doctrines other than copyright that would provide protection for ideas.[/blockquote_message]

Another point if the Hollywood producers will try to recreate your book or a movie script, using the same ideas but that will be a different movie script or a book in result. Check out the Copyright law about the recreation and reproduction.

However, you can still sue them for that. Moreover, it has not a big practice amongst movie studios, because for many movie producers is simply to buy your rights than create such hassle situations.

Don’t rush to the movie monsters to share your idea they will steal it in 100%. As we mentioned, no law protects ideas, hence no law prohibits to steal them. But if you will write down the movie script or a book and protect it legally as a particular literary and performance work, nobody will even risk to do that because of the law.

Choose the steps which are backed by the law!

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Dead Movie Trailers

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