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Is it prohibitive to grab your beard?

Map of the US state of Florida

A man who was causing a disturbance outside Universal Studios in Florida died after being shocked with a Taser stun gun by off-duty police, US authorities have said.

Adam Spencer Johnson, 33, was said to have been acting irrationally when the five officers approached, police said.

The officers used a stun gun because Johnson was “violently” resisting arrest, said Sgt Barb Jones.

Mr Johnson became unresponsive on the ground and was later pronounced dead.

The off-duty officers responded to a call from a security guard at Universal Studios early on Friday morning about a man acting irrationally outside the Cinemax theaters in the city of Orlando.

“He was kind of pacing around, grabbing his beard, grabbing his head and hair, and they were trying to get a hold of him. He was being disorderly,” said Sgt Jones, of the Orlando Police Department.

“He was being disorderly” Fucking seriously?

He was disorderly because he was grabbing his beard and that is why


were trying to stiff that man, but if he was a mental? Is it how a normal man should react in the US? You see the “disordered” man, probably high by alcohol, drugs or mental problems and you fucking decide that this is annoying to DEATH! TO THE LITERAL DEATH!

[blockquote_message]Oh, look, a mental guy! Let’s get’em down![/blockquote_message]

Well who is next? This guy?


Man dies after police use Taser at Universal Studios BBC NEWS


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