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Jessica’s Room is a short horror film written and directed by Erik Knight.  It stars Deacon Ledges (Sevin Michaels), Alyson King (Melanie Beck), and David Jite (Eddie Shaw).  After the gruesome death of his best friend, Sevin Michaels is determined to get to the bottom of what really transpired at the Owen’s house, where a 10-year-old Jessica Owens allegedly murdered several people, including her own parents and Sevin’s best friend and business partner, John Street.

In his search for answers, Sevin carelessly drags Melanie Beck, and Eddie Shaw on a terrifying  journey into the waiting room to Hell.  As this seemingly professional troop of underground film makers attempt to uncover the truth at the Owens’ house, they soon discover the daunting reality of what really lies beneath the obvious.  Is the Owens’ house haunted or possessed?


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PCA The Film official trailer released.The story covers different steps of PCA activities and reasons for the activities.
Directed By : Shoaib Javed
Written By : Iqbal Ahemd
Produced By : Haroon and Awais
DOP : Shoaib Javed
Casting By : Iqbal Ahmed
Started January 1, 2012

Release Date 2013

Genre science fiction

Studio Sialkot Studios

Starring Awais Javed , Harron Mughal , Musdoq Javed , Arslan , Omer Bhatti , Umer Suhail , Khawar Saleem & Staff

Directed By Shoaib Javed

Written By Iqbal Ahmed

Screenplay By Shoaib Javed

Produced By Haroon And Awais


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Dear Sir,
My name is Venkatakishore i am from Hyderabad (India). by these mail my sincere request to you sir.. You know well about that the financial transactions and activities between two human beings are based on properties & sureties and mortgages, once please try to think once if the financial transactions and activities between two human beings will be based on trust and belief…. think once you agree with me my sir then give me an opportunity and kindly invest on my movie project….
Every one ready to appreciate achievements. but how many of them ready to support when that attempt when process…. very less or Zero. Every one ready appreciate Achievements but how many among them are ready to support when a person attempting some difficult task very less or no one…Helping hands are graters than praying lips….
The real duties of Human Hands are
Great duty of Human Hands ” to serve others”
Good duty of Human Hands ” to help others”
Nice duty of Human Hands ” to support others”
Normal duty of Human Hands ” to do our daily activities”
Bad duty of Human Hands are ” to harm others” these are the duties of Human Hands sir……..
If a person character was Talent give a chance to him/her.
If a person character was cleaver then give a task to him/her.
If a person character was Obedient then trust him/her.
If a person character was Ordinary then encourage him/her.
If a person character was Hardworking nature then support/help him/her.
If a person character was a fool then love and serve him/her.
If you ask me “which section do you belongs ? ”
100% i am Sure about that i am Hard working nature
My Wish…..
A investor like always to be think all ways for profits only then read it,
A investor like do some thing different then think about it.
A investor like to face risk then please encourage it,
In any kind of you Investor then please invest on my project to implement it.
About me I am Venkatakishore was finished my P.G in Mass communications with main subjects script writing and advertising and ad-film making. . in my P.G time I was faced a question…
“Cinema was an art or entertainer?”
then I will feel that cinema must and should be combination of the those two media kinds. Then I was introduced a new word that it will be called as “Artainment” (both Art+ Entertainment Characteristics).” After that again i was face a question that ” Cinema was Information Media or Entertainment media ?” Again i feel that Cinema was “Infotainment Media (both of Information +Entertainment characteristics)”after successful completion of my P.G. I was well trained in script, which subject I, likes allot from my childhood. But I want to a good book author but some incidents in my life influenced to do this work.Do you know well about that…16 persons attempting for suicide every hour. And 9 of them dead. Death rate From last Five years as per human Rights Commission reports 37% human loss because of suicides 26% Accidents 21% health problems 14% crime deaths
2% miscellaneous deaths. Suicide death rate grows 470 rapidly from last 8 years. more sad news on suicides was that the age group between….
12-21 Years 14% 21-40 Years 51% 40-60 Years 25%
Above 60 Years 10% Closing there valuable human life committing Suicides. clearly this figures shows us that more than 50% suicide deaths will be power and energetic Youth. they are attempting suicides for silly causes.
For my live Example:
My friend Miss. Swapna also completes Master Degree in Mass communication with me. She and other 4 of my classmates attended Interview in a national news channel. Except she remaining four members get Job conformation letters from the channel. Miss Swapna hurts and committed Suicide when her dead body was in home she got job conformation letter through post. if she waits for another half on hour she had a bright future.. but a valuable Human life closed because of false decision. this incident was impacts on me. then i was prepared a script based Suicides. In that script we have only two characters. Main character Vinay a s/w programmer attempting suicide blaming on God and Faith.
And another character was Veedhataa who is called as Brahma/God.
I am searching those persons who feels that we can serve the society thorough Cinema. i need those persons who feel cinema was an art based entertainment and infotainment media.
This is M.Venkatakishore has been sending a my movie project report to your kind consideration and so kind of you, I requesting you to read this giving detailed budgetary report about my script & cost of production. About me I am a mass communications student mainly trained in script writing and ad-film making.
The Average Budget of an Indian Movie in Rs 2.72 Corer
Hindi Movie Average Budget : Rs 6.23 Corer
Telugu Movie Average Budget : Rs 3.41 Corer
A Film project Average Budget to make Hindi and Telugu was Rs 4.82 Corer
But my Movie project Budget both Hindi and Telugu was Rs 75 Lakes Only…. and 90 lakes in English Hindi and Telugu Versions.
A Hindi film average satellite rights sale return will be 60 lakes and Telugu film satellite right value will be 30 lakes and dubbing and remake right sale we had chance to get another 50 lakes on just Telugu and Hindi films only..i am not specifying any version theater returns. So there is no chance of loss on my movie project.
You know well that….
Ghajini fails to occupy India 16 times finally 17th time he was successor.
Thomas Alva Edison fails to light Electric bulb nearly 14281 times finally 14282nd time he was successor.
Sir Einstein adjusts C-value 11,000 times and M-value 668 times finally 667th time he was succeed to give 99.8% correctness for his Formula E=MC^2.
Graham Bell fails to send sound signals through wires nearly 2281 times finally 2282nd time he was successor.
Wright Brothers are failed to fly Flight 752 times 753rd time they success to fly in sky.
Mendeleev adjusts more then 8868 times to set periodic table of the chemical elements.
India’s Freedom fight took nearly 250 years get Breath of freedom.
All of then are Creates History and new Era…
About my Numeral’s from last five and half years ….
I was meet 27 Producers,
51 financiers,
72 productions offices,
27,912 letters of requests,
17,981 request calls,
1,07,721 request mails
I am also trying my level best. please support me sir.., kindly support me to Implement my movie project sir…..
Project Name in English Version: ” My God with Me”
Project Name in Hindi Version: “Kya milaa….marnese”
Project Name in Telugu Version: ” VEEDHATHA tho VINAY”
The total budget for my movie project in Hindi and Telugu Versions will be Rs 75,00,000 two characters and 40 days per production needed. Rs 90,00,000 ($ 2.10 lakes USD including English version) lakes So kindly give me an opportunity to meet you I fee l it was my life ambition. To reach my goal I need your blessings and encouragement. Thanking you all,
CharacternName : Vinay/Jerry Veedhataa/Jesus
No,of scenes : 30 25
No,of Working days : 40 40
Remuneration Per day: Rs 10,000 Rs 10,000
Total to pay : Rs 4,00,000 Rs 4,00,000
Total Project Working days: 50 Days
Unit Expense for day: Rs 10,000
Total Unit cost: Rs 5,00,000
Costumes cost: Rs 1,00,000
Total Make up cost: Rs 2,00,000
Music Director cost: Rs 2,00,000
Music unit cost(2 days needed): Rs 2,00,000
Cameramen remuneration for his high contribution: Rs 5,00,000
Camera unit cost another: Rs 2,00,000
Equipment rent Expenditure: Rs 5,00,000
Visual Effects Expenditure: Rs 2,00,000
Location Permeations and Rent Charges: Rs 2,00,000
Wages per day to all helping team: Rs 3,00,000
Transportation Expenditure: Rs 3,00,000
Editor Remuneration : Rs 2,00,000
Theater for dubbing and recording rent : Rs 1,00,000
Remuneration for Director & Team: Rs 6,00,000
Film cost & Color lab and film processing expenses: Rs 15,00,000
With Publicity Expenses: Rs 9,00,000
So Finally ,
Grand Total will be: Rs 75,00,000 (or Rs 90,00,000) Only
I will make sure it p promise you i will complete sure this film 100% above budget,I hope it will definite chance to reduce if you give me a chance I will defiantly make sure of it.
Contact Us:
Production & Creative head : M.Venkatakishore.
E-Mail Us : sschalanachitram@gmail.com
Call Us : 08754-231180,9866405512
Post Us : SS Chalanachitram
H.No : 6-1-24,
Opp Satyasai Mandiram
Khammam (Dist) A.P. INDIA .


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How to make an Independent movie?

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