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Here are some insights on how to become a movie producer from the scratch:


  1. First of all – the project. You need to have a clear and definite goal in your movie making path. Write! Write a movie script, or at least learn how to write a movie script to understand that standpoint, the core of any entertainment industry. Comer up with some blueprints and pinpoint all necessities you’ll need. Calculate the expenditure – the movie budget.
  2. Your budget. Probably the most painful and pivotal moment in your career of a movie producer. How to earn money to finance your feature film? Well there are some prospects today in global online media streaming, Many movie websites recommend to start oil business, real estate or stock market gambling, but let’s look at the problem from the real, sober standpoint – it is not your way and even if you will “try” you’ll be probably deviated from your original.
  3. So, our recommendation is to start your business activity in the same field you’re trying to perfect – mainstream online media broadcasting. Hello, Billy! You know what I’m talking about. First of all, open your website and start making “shorts” – an investment for that is not so stiff. All you need a good web-hosting, 1st level domain and a video camera – the rest will come eventually due to your growing professionalism.
  4. Create your movie channel and make series of video reviews – movie critiques (etc), and then move to your own the movie trailers! Try to build a serious online trafficking campaign (you will need that later to publicize your movie on web)
  5. Do a numerous movie trailers on different plots (here it comes, now you see why you need to learn how to write!). Every movie trailer is your peace of a movie project, a piece of a novel, a storytelling. Make it all in high quality so it will look as it from the serious movie studio.
    Open a bank account and connect it to PayPal or similar services.
  6. And here we go – capitalize you traffic. Pitch your trailer to all social networks (YouTube, Facebook, bla bla bla) and do more reviews!
    Participate in real movie making process. You might have some invitations from independent movie makers, take your opportunities and go there to see how those guys are shooting movies on stage on their own money! Learn all mistakes and technicians for free before you blow your money!
  7. Visit some theater and talk to the actors and movie makers. Important! Participate in 3 rd party projects as an assistant to learn as much as you can!
  8. After your first financial success in you need to incorporate… but about that later because it is a different stage.


[message_box]Don’t blow all your money on a cumbersome project! People don’t watch movies of unknown directors and actors. Try to invest in video marketing to create some fan base and traffic. Make numerous shorts, sketches, shows etc, to understand how online publicity works.[/message_box]

Then, you will master your director, actor and video editing skills, you will understand how it is hard to earn attention and create fuzz. That’s how producer grows from the scratch – long and stern work. Creation of massive informational cells, video materials, publicity, linking and advertising is your basis.

But if you will succeed in those basic steps we will explain you how to gain the next level in movie making!

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Film or digital?

This is the first question that arises in many heads of the first time filmmakers.  Many movie enthusiasts  are grasping their heads, moaning in pain: “on what camera to shoot my movie?” And many of those people are rushing for really bold and one sided decisions like which camcorders has more pixels and higher price? HDV or AVCHD? And the similar bullshit.

We will give you a definite answer—shoot on the film. The film was always a better choice and it is still probably is the best. Independent movie maker doesn’t automatically mean a digital movie maker. Another question here is how large is your movie budget?

Of course, you cannot afford a 35mm film for your first time feature movie; you even cannot afford a proper 16mm variant, because it is still too expensive to buy a film stock and to digitize it in film laboratory. Unless, of course if you father is not a Miramax producer.

As you can see the film is definitely the professional variant and the most expensive for the first time filmmakers. Here is the only cheap alternative for you—the rapidly growing digital segment.

About digital decisions.

Don’t rush to buy a camcorder for 2000-4000$ and don’t you think that you will shoot on it most of your movies—it will not happen and it’s even doesn’t worth of it.  But, if you like to work with digital toys for that amount of money you had better to rent a Red One camera Pack for 2 days or a professional 16mm Bolex movie camera which will be even much better than Red One and shoot on a film!

In a movie making business renting is the best and the only reasonable variant! For example, advantages of Red One camera are its affordability and reliability, but the cheap price is always hiding something behind its value.  Red One still looks “vidoeish” and you should to put a great effort to make it look closely to 35mm. But in the end of the road you will ask yourself:

[blockquote_message]did that really worth of the spent money?[/blockquote_message]

Forget about buying, move out for movie rentals. First of all, movie equipment is too expensive and it changes its specifications constantly, especially the digital segment. Don’t punish yourself and don’t blow your budget buying those expensive camcorders for wedding which will end up in your cellar. Better rent them from those idiots who bought them for their own money.

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