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Movie Distribution Planning

Movie making is not an easy task and you as a future movie director should realize what exactly you want to do with you project. Therfore, before going to make any casting calls prepare your distribution plan.

How you will actually sell your movie? Any ways in your mind? First of all, be set up on a cheap movie. Your first movie is not going to be a blockbuster, it is not going to be something with the celebrities and expensive 35 movie cameras. Use digital renting and call your student friends.

Have no friends? Then you’re probably living in Detroit. However even Detroit has its theatrical schools – visit them. there is a lot of young people there are dying outside to have that chance to start making movie with you. Remember yourself dreaming about actor career?

Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes

Do not promise any mountains just say that it will be for free, or how professional filmmakers are saying for “food and tape”. Make rehearsal with those guys and then go to secure your locations. Look HERE to lock down your shooting locations properly.

Before locking down the shooting locations, manage to have that LLC status to remit all responsibility from yourself on a corporation. Crete your liabilty shell for any inconvinient sittuation during the movie shooting.

As soon you will estimate your micro-budget prepare to calculate distribution expenses. They re mostly advertising and promotion.

before, people were trying to sell their movie on DVD retail stores, but those days are gone by far. Now people are selling their independent movie online through the movie website like this or similar.

To have more information how to handle on-line sell of your movie visit our page HERE.

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Start your online marketing campaign!

This web site is devoted to guerrilla and independent movie promotion, distribution and marketing tools.  If it’s already sounds interesting for you then you’ve got in a right place! We all know that there are no secrets about independent movie making and all of us have seen them million times in theaters and TV’s.  However, not anyone knows how to move forward online movie marketing and  online development. The internet has a big opportunity only if you know how to operate with information and how to appropriately market your ideas and movie projects. Every independent movie maker has a chance to promote his movie, to promote and distribute his film online with a minimal cost.

How to make an Independent movie?

The Hollywood film industry and so-called official movie making schools and colleges are still tricking the audience with banal lessons and formulas how to make a million dollar movie if you are already a movie director.  Why it is so banal banal and unreasonable for a newcomer? Because they are all stemming out from the theory of million dollars budget tips, that is in 99% is not appropriate for beginners! Yes, they are  giving true information for you, but once again it’s not appropriate for a fist time movie maker and it doesn’t work in real life!  Any fool knows how to make a movie with 2-5 million budget with his professional crew, any fool can read the film making theory, but only few people know how to find or achieve that from a shoestring! Because this is all about, you are nothing industry and you want to start your name.  As a first filmmaker you will probably start from you crash point, that is why you need useful and relevant information.

Forget about your movie making college!

Visit our blog  “Filmmaking school” absolutely for FREE and with NO REGISTRATION and you will find various tips from real life and experience.  Movie production posts like how to start write a movie scrip, how to breakdown a movie script promotion, distribution, marketing, business plan, film production costs, online planning, online marketing, online market development, website promotion, web page optimization, marketing strategy. film distribution, movie online, online movie distribution it with concrete downloadable forms and examples, how to prepare a movie budget, how to raise or try to raise your first money, movie investment from different financial institutions, how to scout and secure the shooting locations, how to rent movie equipment, which official forms and papers should you find and prepare for your following steps, what better register LLC or INC for your movie studio, what legal preparations and steps should you establish before going to shoot your first feature movie! And many many more.

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