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Where To Find Money For Your First Movie?

Movie making it’s a craft only for rich people, at least that was 20 years ago. Now we have a prominent shift! Today’s movie makers and producers are even students and truck drivers.  You can shoot your first feature movie from 5000$ (in digital of course), and it will look like Hollywood feature if you will use interesting story and camera positioning. Yes, I still believe that only a 35mm film looks like a real film, and that’s why it‘s called a film.

However, today we got a lot of alternatives in equipment against old and expensive 35mm. We got a lot of improvements in ON-LINE distribution and promotion, like this site for a small example. But we should to know how to start it all from a shoestring. Not anyone got even 5-10 thousand dollars and this is the only mark then a movie starts. Find a movie investor is a heavy and complicated process. First of all, you should to scout around for right people to represent your business plan and ideas properly.

We have different variants and alternatives for movie investing:

1) From the own sources:

  1. Have a good job
  2. Borrow the money from relatives
  3. Borrow the money from your parents

Doesn’t sound promising for you? Well you’re in a long way, boy. Of course, you can find some alternatives but now it all depends of how will you act! It Isn’t an irony, that a movie producer should act as an actor in front of the potential investors? Do I really need to remind you a Shakespeare’s quote here?
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2) From the Investors This is, maybe, the hardest way, especially for first time filmmakers, who can’t prove their competence in movie making.  But with the professional approach it might work.

  1. Prepare a business plan
  2. Introduce it to distributors and movie studios
  3. Be ready to be rejected
  4. Don’t despair We have some alternatives here; I call it “live” talk.
  5. Find an info book with directories
  6. Call through the all dentists and business people around
  7. Ask for 5 minutes of their time


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