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PCA The Film official trailer released.The story covers different steps of PCA activities and reasons for the activities.
Directed By : Shoaib Javed
Written By : Iqbal Ahemd
Produced By : Haroon and Awais
DOP : Shoaib Javed
Casting By : Iqbal Ahmed
Started January 1, 2012

Release Date 2013

Genre science fiction

Studio Sialkot Studios

Starring Awais Javed , Harron Mughal , Musdoq Javed , Arslan , Omer Bhatti , Umer Suhail , Khawar Saleem & Staff

Directed By Shoaib Javed

Written By Iqbal Ahmed

Screenplay By Shoaib Javed

Produced By Haroon And Awais


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Write A Good Movie Script

A good movie script should contain a story or crossing stories which at the end of the movie should be finished. What does that mean? That means you should to resolve a problem or problems of your story to satisfy consumer’s anticipation. Might sound annoying, trifle, banal and trivial for you, but this is a movie making itself. Try to read a book with no idea and at all. Would it be interesting for you?

full metal jacket

Nothing has changed in movie making pertaining to resolving psychological or philosophical problems in storytelling, except now we can say that many Hollywood blockbusters are squeezing out the same raped out till the dark holes primitive “kick ass” concept with more violence and graphic. You might say how about parallel storytelling aka “Pulp Fiction”, etc when I can definitely say that was a long, long time before and a lot of time in literature and even in cinema. Nothing new even here, but how original it was represented isn’t? And this is exclusively way of a movie director.

Create a problem in your movie and then resolved it. This is not a sarcasm this is a fact of movie making business. What kind of problems, or hooks do we mean? You could do that every movie producer or director does—appeal to the fiction library. 70% percents of Hollywood products were derived, adapted and ripped off the fiction works! What a parasite is that movie industry!

To understand the sense of the storytelling you should be a good writer and reader. Like we said, many US movies were made from books, even notorious Full Metal Jacket was adapted from the book “The Short-Timers” (1979) by Gustav Hasford. (on photo). The writer was participated in the Vietnam war not Kubrick.

[image small=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Hasford.jpg” big=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Hasford.jpg” align=”left” width=”140″ height=”200″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

Didn’t know that? You maybe though it was a mighty Kubrick’s head was putting all this realistic dialogs? No, but he directed it and he did outstanding that’s why all the fame goes to him, leaving a writer in a shadow. And that’s the dark side of being only a writer, it means being mentioned only after death versus complete opposition with a movie director—he becomes famous directly after successful theater premier.

Once again, pick your ideas from those books, maybe you will find a common thread there. At least you will see how the development goes on and how does it work in examples of true masters. And don’t be hyped that you should be a rocket scientist or creator of a new style, there are no new styles in storytelling, believe me from thousands years from now, before you even been in project, people with more complicated heads tried it all out.

You shouldn’t be a freaking scientist, be a freaking Spielberg! Make an entertaining and captivating movie, which will hold consumer’s butt on the theatrical chair till the end of the titles.

(The writer was participated in the Vietnam war not Kubrick)

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