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My Vision Of Filmmaking

I have mentioned in previous topic and I will repeat it again, you vision is your movie. Make a step forward and look how affordable became movie production and other promotional and distributional channels. The vision of film making gradually turns into a digital movie making on demand, and that means an independent start for every man with limited budget. However we are independent movie makers still have a lot of  barriers like main distributional and promotional channels. Those channels are major and still have a great power in Hollywood’s hands. But know you what? That doesn’t mean that every one now start to shoot movies. The craft is only for people who feel like the movie inside.

Fast movies

You can shoot at least one movie every 3 months, but these are not just short movies and clips! I’m speaking of professional movies, 90-1:30 minutes length.

I see a future in fast movies, especially gun-comedies, which we can shoot with a small crew and with even a mediocore HD camera!

How to achieve that?

Of course, firstly, we must settle up and create a scheme and schedule of production. All we need is an established team and channels of distribution.

A fast and interesting low budget movie you can sell faster, and is more interesting, than a “heavy” and long movie. Yes, it will cost less, but as I said before, create 1 movie every 3 months! If you make at least 3, or even 2 interesting movies in 1 year, you’ll grow as fast as anyone else! And then time will come for a “heavy”!

Yes my boy, all the best and worst starts then you open your mouth. Like you, it or not but this is all about how you communicate with you business people. I’m not mentioning actors this is an essential key. Now remember if you will not convince even your gaffer or a sound man, people will screw you just for fun!
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