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PCA The Film official trailer released.The story covers different steps of PCA activities and reasons for the activities.
Directed By : Shoaib Javed
Written By : Iqbal Ahemd
Produced By : Haroon and Awais
DOP : Shoaib Javed
Casting By : Iqbal Ahmed
Started January 1, 2012

Release Date 2013

Genre science fiction

Studio Sialkot Studios

Starring Awais Javed , Harron Mughal , Musdoq Javed , Arslan , Omer Bhatti , Umer Suhail , Khawar Saleem & Staff

Directed By Shoaib Javed

Written By Iqbal Ahmed

Screenplay By Shoaib Javed

Produced By Haroon And Awais


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Your First Steps. Rehab.

Now we got a lot of  useful information from the previous movie making posts, and that was only a basis and introduction. We should have to keep in mind that movie making is a fast changing process and there are a lot words to say about that craft. Don’t haste to grab as much as you can for a one go because it can be a ridiculous choice that eventually leave you with nothing. Don’t rush to blow all your budget even if it’s a 5000$ movie, it can be your last 5000$. I want to charge you only with a positive thoughts, but don’t forget to be a realist.

And this is the best time to make a brief rehab of your first steps:

1.   Get the script.
2.   Get a business license!

A)sole proprietor

3.   Register LP or LLC
4.   Hire a cinematographer (DP) and ask his best demo reel
5.   Call to the dentists and business people
6.   Book a local theater and set up screening for investors

Now you see that before going to movie equipment rental  you should to create an official body-a movie studio legally. It’s not so expensive, but it’s all about papers and forms. Estimate, calculate and evaluate all steps and gaps. Don’t rush to be an idiot, even if you have a great unique idea keep it in your black box. My suggestion, don’t go to sole proprietor and read some books about LLC registration. Don’t haste, first of all do your proper legal job to solicit investors, nobody will steal your thoughts, because nobody learn yet how to do that.

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Dead Movie Trailers

Our site has opened a new tool for all new comers of all colors and sorts. If you have your movie trailer or video clip which you would show or even sell, you can post it here in dead4movie.com, adding your own article or a whole blog! Moreover, you can add [info_box] your permanent back links to your main site or you e-cart for FREE![/info_box] We are not charging you for any legal activity here.

Why should we do that?

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