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The Best Movie Review Websites

You like movie reviews and you probably like to find information about movie making online. What movie site you can choose today for your personal purposes in the vast amount of entertainment websites?


This movie site is my personal preference among the others. If I’m going to review some new blockbusters and hits before blowing my 10$ on theatrical release I’m going to MRQE (Movie Review Query Engine). Want to know more about upcoming movies? Want to watch your favorite film online? I personally recommend you to buy a DVD in order to help US economy, don’t be so lazy, lift up your ass! However, now you know where to go to order your DVD!


This movie site is actually a huge movie database for all blockbuster fans and Hollywood mastrubators. In couple with IMDb fandango offers creative movie reviews and blogs. Moreover, you have a great ability to order a movie ticket online! Aren’t you lazy dog?


Watch HD trailers and fresh movie reviews, read more about your favorite movie celebrities! This is, probably one of the best movie sites with the user friendly design and ability to order DVD online!



Moviefone is an original movie website and alike movies.com it offers last DVD releases, movie trailers and more convincing movie reviews.

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