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Release Date: January 31, 2012
Director: David Manigult and Earl Bowers
Screenwriter: Earl Bowers
Script Advisor: Dwight Watkins
Starring:  David Manigult, Earl (Mikey) Bowers, Lashawn Sharpe, Gil, Earl Hoffa, Cierra Gates, Gee Gee, Juan Dilone, Lano Johnson
Genre: Urban Drama
MPAA Rating:  Not Rated
Offical Website: www.stayfocusedent.com
DVD: www.stayfocusedent.com

Plot: Street tale that includes betrayal money, and murder.

This is the story of 2 young boys growing up in the inner city. Lucky is the calm, laid back one. He doesn’t want to be a drug dealer forever. But his wild crazy cousin gudda does. There uncle steel introduces then to his drug connect. So as uncle steel exits they game it’s there time to take it over. With a great cast, this is definitely a fast paced street tale that includes betrayal money, and murder. Its a must see. At the end of the day ask yourself Who Can U Trust!!!


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