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This is my 2nd short film.Film is 50% in English so subtitles would be disabled if the characters are talking in English.

Directed by:Yuvaraj
Produced by: Nite Lite Productions
Co-Produced by: VINNAYAGAR BROTHERS & Blueagles Productions
Music by:Yuvaraj

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SELF INFLICTED – Premieres May 6th!

“A Love Story with a Punch”

Jim is a normal guy, except for his masochistic tendencies, who is looking for Ms. Right. Can he control his destructive urges long enough to find her?

A new short dark-romantic-comedy from XRATS Productions.




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To achieve his dream of becoming a professional stuntman, Donny decides to cut off his own arm.

Written, directed and produced by Owen Swinn. Starring: Matt Anderson, Shelby Tucker, Jonathan Mitchell, Josh Martens, Kevin Anderson, Kirsten Klueckmann, and Owen Swinn.

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All Things Random Productions’ new comedy short Greg’s Guardian Angel asks the question, ”Are there really angels among us…and if we had one, would they help us or would they drive us completely insane?”

On a normal day, laid back and easygoing Greg (Greg Vorob) is visited by an apparition (Elmer J. Santos) who claims to be his guardian angel. The angel gives Greg some very helpful advice, advice which then helps Greg score major cool points with his bosses Mr. Schmaven (Timothy J. Cox) and Mr. Longshaft (Jack Moran) at Spatco (with a name like that, it makes me wonder what they manufacture).

Greg is naturally thrilled at his successes with his bosses and begins to trust the angel, and it only gets better from there. The angel helps Greg in every day matters, but specifically in his love life.

Greg is approached by office beauty Monica (Caitlin Winter) and romance is hopefully in their future, but while on a date. Greg’s chances at success with Monica are thwarted when the angel’s constant interference derails the whole thing.

What started off as a beautiful friendship, quickly turns sour when the angel goes more than a little overboard in the guidance department with Greg.

Poor Greg.

All in all…a very funny premise presented by a delightfully wicked group, led by Dan Conrad’s rapid fire script, which includes a hilarious exchange between Vorob, Cox and Moran about the differences in those who wear red ties, to those who wear green ties. If you wear green ties, look out for Mr. Schmaven and Mr. Longshaft!

Conrad’s script is strong all the way through, never missing a beat, while Dan Kowalski’s direction is sharp, as well as the cinematography by Sam Elliot.

The cast is a strong, fun and spirited bunch, led by Vorob’s pleasant turn as the all-around nice guy, who is driven to the brink of madness by Elmer J. Santos’ hysterical antics as the angel. Timothy J. Cox scores big in his brief scenes as Greg’s boss, while Jack Moran and Caitlin Winter round out the cast with nice appearances as Mr. Longshaft and Monica, respectively.

Please visit the films’ official website www.gregsguardianangel.com, for information on the production.


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In Nerd of the Living Dead, the uniquely crafted, tongue-in-cheek send-up of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, director Stu Dodge (Cheerleader Autopsy) brings a fresh approach to spoofing the often spoofed and copied 1968 horror classic. Unlike the typical re-envisioning of “Night”, this derivative work interweaves new footage and characters into the historic film, with the result that the dialogue and acting of the original become part of a completely different story.

Fan favorites Ben (Duane Jones) and Barbara (JudithO’Dea), and dysfunctional couple Harry and Helen Cooper (Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman) are once again barricaded in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse surrounded by throngs of flesh-hungry ghouls, but this time they’ve got “help” in the form of ex-Boy Scout and condiment aficionado Elvin McBrant, and his accidental girlfriend Judy Slutsky.

Released July 21, 2011, Nerd of the Living Dead is available on DVD from Amazon.com, and download-to-own, download-to-rent etc., from Flickrocket.com, goEggit.com and Distrify.com.  More information is available at:




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