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Wall Street

What can we say about the classic movie of 80’s? The movie definitely is not a cyberpunk but it has that realistic approach to the dialogs and backgrounds. Oliver Stone’s America is not a shiny place of American dream like we can see it in many Hollywood slicks. It’s not polished glittering skyscrapers and smiley passersby of the happy and rich middle class. It is a dark, buzzing, smoking, dirty and struggling corporate machine where you are trying to survive, screwing the others at the left and the right.  You can see the realistic face of New York City with its moving elements of cars and people. Even the main hero leaves like a rat in a cheap rental condo of the West side near the stench and gutters. So what did you expect? Shiny Wall Street columns?

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I do really recommend watch this movie if you have never seen that before and even re-watch it for all of those who think he knows all. Now, to be honestly this is not a documentary of the stock market exchange and routine life of brokers and managers. Yes it has its atmosphere the main line is the devastating power of greed. The director of “Wall Street” made a great shift towards realism. You don’t see any “friends” or people who would help you just because you

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are looking like Shin’s hero. You see real tigers like Gecko (Michael Douglas) who mind only his own business and super power of greed. The man even has his own philosophy of greed, which he derived from Nietzsche I presume. The maniac rules the whole corporation screwing his opponents with no regret and with the smile on his face. And in one day he decides…. Now wait a second, I’m not going to reveal the whole plot. You’d better go and watch for yourself.

The movie reveals the essence of the American capitalism: greed and unmoral rivalry. The true line was reveal also about destroying of America but those corporations, because they are buying out businesses and entrepreneurs closing them down.

The movie even has its own lesson: “Stop always looking only for easy money. Instead of buying and selling others start creating something!”

God bless what a good lesson!


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