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The Blue Devil

Coming November

This movie is a $0 budget psychological horror written and created by 15 year olds Nick Paton (Director, Writer and Producer) and Oscar Smith (Writer and Producer) shot on the Canon EOS 600D (T3i). Oscar Smith originally pitched the idea to Nick Paton through an iMessage, this then grew to 3 scripts being made and over 5 months of solid work to create such a short film.

It follows the story of a boy (Max) being haunted by the fact of a serial killer being on the lose. Over time he becomes more and more scared to the point of thinking that his babysitter (Zack) is the serial killer. Throughout the movie as thing become more intense between his fear of this murderer he finally discovers who the killer is.

Directed By Nicholas Paton
Starring Hugh Findlay & Nicholas Paton
Produced By Oscar Smith
Written By Oscar Smith and Nicholas Paton
Twitter – Nickop9

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Where To Find Money For Your First Movie?

Movie making it’s a craft only for rich people, at least that was 20 years ago. Now we have a prominent shift! Today’s movie makers and producers are even students and truck drivers.  You can shoot your first feature movie from 5000$ (in digital of course), and it will look like Hollywood feature if you will use interesting story and camera positioning. Yes, I still believe that only a 35mm film looks like a real film, and that’s why it‘s called a film.

However, today we got a lot of alternatives in equipment against old and expensive 35mm. We got a lot of improvements in ON-LINE distribution and promotion, like this site for a small example. But we should to know how to start it all from a shoestring. Not anyone got even 5-10 thousand dollars and this is the only mark then a movie starts. Find a movie investor is a heavy and complicated process. First of all, you should to scout around for right people to represent your business plan and ideas properly.

We have different variants and alternatives for movie investing:

1) From the own sources:

  1. Have a good job
  2. Borrow the money from relatives
  3. Borrow the money from your parents

Doesn’t sound promising for you? Well you’re in a long way, boy. Of course, you can find some alternatives but now it all depends of how will you act! It Isn’t an irony, that a movie producer should act as an actor in front of the potential investors? Do I really need to remind you a Shakespeare’s quote here?
[/one_half] [one_half_last]
2) From the Investors This is, maybe, the hardest way, especially for first time filmmakers, who can’t prove their competence in movie making.  But with the professional approach it might work.

  1. Prepare a business plan
  2. Introduce it to distributors and movie studios
  3. Be ready to be rejected
  4. Don’t despair We have some alternatives here; I call it “live” talk.
  5. Find an info book with directories
  6. Call through the all dentists and business people around
  7. Ask for 5 minutes of their time


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Step By Step-Movie Script

Let’s make a good old step-by step hierarchy.This is very important, especially for a first time filmmaker, who might think that only a good idea and luck are enough. Filmmaking it’s a very long way to your goal, of course if you are not Uwo fucking Boll.

[image small=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/bright-ideas.jpg ” big=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/bright-ideas.jpg” align=”left” width=”130″ height=”190″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

Step 1-Find ideas

Sounds easy, right? Writing a script is a long and hard process. For this article, I initially closed down the process of inspiration, because as we know, there is no standardization or formulas for that kind of process. Each man has his own visions and fantasy. If you are finding it hard in the first stage, the only thing I can recommend, which I learned from personal experience, is to expose yourself to books, movies and more books!

Step 2-Sketching

If you already have a finished plot in your head, you just need to make a short plan, or what I call, “sketching”. Write all your ideas on a paper and try to make a hierarchy of the chapters; this will be your main tree!

Step 3-Download sample script

Visit IMBd or other sites which provide a free movie script database. Download and read a movie script. Then you can see that the movie script has his own structure and language. Script writing has its own rules, and if you learn them, it will make it easier to optimize your writing skills.

Step 4-Software

The days of paper and pencils are over. To complete this step, you’ll need the right word processing software. Today we have a lot of programs on the NET like Final Draft 8, Movie Magic Screenwriter 6, CeltX, Sophocol…

Let me share my own thought. If you’re making the first draft of your movie it’s NOT necessary to buy or download the software. Why? Because you’ll only waste your time on installation and learning how to use these complicated, and upon first inspection, cumbersome programs. All you need is a word processor (Word 97 -2010 or Open Office). Let me explain that position in the following step.

Step 5-Formatting

I write my scripts in Word 2007 using formatting rules (special margins and forms) and then I just transfer that draft to the Final Draft 8 program, which automatically creates the rules and margins. Believe me, it’s EASER and FASTER, firstly, to write in Word and then transfer it to Final Draft or another software program. Of course, you can start writing directly in your program, but I think it’s awkward and doesn’t give you the freedom of text transformation. Now, what formatting rules should be used in a movie script document?

Step 6-Templates and Fonts

A movie script document has its own standards. You can find documentation listing such standards, online. Just download these Word templates and write your script in Word, just as was done a long time ago.
Write your script and transfer it to your software (preferably Final Draft). After that, check your text (because even Final Draft makes some little mistakes). Your software will create the scene, numbers, and proper margins. And here you will find all the advantages of your screen writing program such as notes, color forms, spell checking, etc. Save your document in PDF format if you want to show it to your producer. Don’t send .doc files!

Step 7-Protect your work

Before publishing your script and showing it to third parties, I recommend that you protect your work. Use tools like US Copyright Office and WGA. They will charge you just $20-35 for on-line registration!

Don’t show anyone your script until you’ve registered it. I mean nobody, not even your parents or relatives! It’s not paranoia, it’s an issue of legality. The copyright law doesn’t protect ideas, so if somebody steals your idea, all previous steps will be for not!

Step 8-Proofreading

After you have written and registered your script, it’s time to have it proofread. Proofread the script yourself several times. Give it to your friends to read, or find some people in forums who will do a backward proofreading. Find proofreading sites which will do it for money ($130 – $300 for 90 pages).

If you have additional money you can try a software package like White Smoke. It’s a useful tool which helps you catch common mistakes, but it’s no substitute for a live proofreading!

And the final step is to read your script again, out loud. Try to imagine how your dialogs will sound when acted out. Do they sound inappropriate or unrealistic? If so, rewrite them!

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Stick To Your Own Vision

Have a vision? Write a movie script, make a movie and sell it! Vision can change your life! And it happens. How many people have flourished with a business with just one bright idea? They are a countless number of them. The movie vision is a source of power and of creation, and the same can be said of my little project, which can start in a new way!

If you’re starting by your own you’re probably starting from the stand point named the movie script. It is not just dry instructions for a movie director to follow, it is a finished product. That means the movie itself can already be perceived by a viewer and put in the main picture, but only in a main and abstract picture.

The vision guides a movie director to the end of the post-production line (for example, the editing room). It’s way better to realize your own project by yourself, because:

A writer of the movie script as a creator of his own plot has an already completed “brick-to-brick” picture in his head. And that makes him more advanced in comparison with the other side directors in shooting the movie by himself.

The visions of the script writer cannot be passed to or perceived by a side director who has not participated in the creation of the work. Therefore, I presume that only a script writer should be the director of his movie because only the creator knows how to properly interpret his own product.

What it gives to you?

It gives you the full freedom of realization and the “feeling” of the movie. You can use your own style, your technique and improve your skills as a creator and businessman. Yes a business man, a movie entrepreneur, because the movie industry is all about the money. However, that’s only in terms of the realization aspect! If you’re also a screenwriter (as I) you should approach it as an art creator, firstly. This is a great experience!

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Dead Movie Trailers

Our site has opened a new tool for all new comers of all colors and sorts. If you have your movie trailer or video clip which you would show or even sell, you can post it here in dead4movie.com, adding your own article or a whole blog! Moreover, you can add [info_box] your permanent back links to your main site or you e-cart for FREE![/info_box] We are not charging you for any legal activity here.

Why should we do that?

  • First of all, as a member of this site you will receive permanent head and back links to your own site!
  • Increase your site PR and traffic.
  • Promote your product here with your own abilities to write your own posts about about it!
  • If you already have a finished product, just put a link to your e-cart from our site, increasing you sells.
  • Show your movies to more people around the world!
  • Include your YouTube channel link here on dead4movie.com increasing your YouTube traffic.
  • It takes just about 5 minutes to own your own permanent space!
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Start your online marketing campaign!

This web site is devoted to guerrilla and independent movie promotion, distribution and marketing tools.  If it’s already sounds interesting for you then you’ve got in a right place! We all know that there are no secrets about independent movie making and all of us have seen them million times in theaters and TV’s.  However, not anyone knows how to move forward online movie marketing and  online development. The internet has a big opportunity only if you know how to operate with information and how to appropriately market your ideas and movie projects. Every independent movie maker has a chance to promote his movie, to promote and distribute his film online with a minimal cost.

How to make an Independent movie?

The Hollywood film industry and so-called official movie making schools and colleges are still tricking the audience with banal lessons and formulas how to make a million dollar movie if you are already a movie director.  Why it is so banal banal and unreasonable for a newcomer? Because they are all stemming out from the theory of million dollars budget tips, that is in 99% is not appropriate for beginners! Yes, they are  giving true information for you, but once again it’s not appropriate for a fist time movie maker and it doesn’t work in real life!  Any fool knows how to make a movie with 2-5 million budget with his professional crew, any fool can read the film making theory, but only few people know how to find or achieve that from a shoestring! Because this is all about, you are nothing industry and you want to start your name.  As a first filmmaker you will probably start from you crash point, that is why you need useful and relevant information.

Forget about your movie making college!

Visit our blog  “Filmmaking school” absolutely for FREE and with NO REGISTRATION and you will find various tips from real life and experience.  Movie production posts like how to start write a movie scrip, how to breakdown a movie script promotion, distribution, marketing, business plan, film production costs, online planning, online marketing, online market development, website promotion, web page optimization, marketing strategy. film distribution, movie online, online movie distribution it with concrete downloadable forms and examples, how to prepare a movie budget, how to raise or try to raise your first money, movie investment from different financial institutions, how to scout and secure the shooting locations, how to rent movie equipment, which official forms and papers should you find and prepare for your following steps, what better register LLC or INC for your movie studio, what legal preparations and steps should you establish before going to shoot your first feature movie! And many many more.

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