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ON-LINE Movie Distribution Essentials P1.

We know that the on-line self-distribution is a worthy and useful tool, and it completely suits for today’s independent movie market like for any entertainment at all. We all know that Napster and Amazon did to CD stores, aren’t we? But what to do with a movie in your personal case? What if you have failed and sucked like a movie director? And this is a common question for every first time filmmaker! Be an on-line movie producer and distributor!

Now your movie has made and you are scratching your pumpkin with the same question “what to do”? Where to go? All festivals have kicked you out, all distributors passed you over. They even told you that your shit will never go on DVD sells, what a bummer! Go ON-LINE! Go on-line and bury yourself there till the first sell! Now what should you do before even going to think about sells and possible thousands and hundreds of thousands dollars of profit?

Open specific movie websites!

[image small=” http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/www.jpg” big=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/www.jpg ” align=”left” width=”150″ height=”150″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

For you first time feature abomination you should open at least two own websites! First. Create your head website with adorable commercial design; you should to represent it big as Warner Brothers, not even like Cannon Films or Miramax, but Warner Brothers! Create your site, fulfill it with information about your movie, it will be great if you will hire some bloggers to write some blogs there to improve you site ranks. Upload your movie trailer. Now, remember this is your main movie studio’s website; here you will upload your following movies and projects. So you better buy domain for 10 years if you’re serious about that! Switch links to your e-shops!

Second. Buy a separate domain similar with you movie name e.g. if your movie named “They Raped Me In September” then buy a domain “theyrapedmeinseptember.com.” See how long it is? What that does mean to you? Try to pick up another movie title! Here in your particular movie domain you will upload your mentioned movie trailer and promotional pack (photos, interviews, sketches, addition materials, bonuses etc), and don’t forget to open a fan blog here. Once again you can hire those dudes on-line, for 2$ for a post they will say that you are greater than James Cameron! Switch links to your e-shops!

Now you did that long and hard work, and you have created your websites. But how to tell people around the world that you are movie maker and you have apparently made a whole feature movie? How? Hype it!

How to hype you movie?

Just copy articles about your movie on social blogs like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Bing, Blogger etc. they are all for FREE! Each of these blogs has millions and millions subscribers all over the world and you do nothing, except “copy” and “paste”! You even do not pluck your butt from a stool to announce your movie! You even do not open your mouth to reveal your horrible accent! Once again if you will spend a couple months for you own blogs on your two site mentioned above you can probably fit them in all social blogs. Now people from Facebook can see RSS with news from your head site’s blogs, isn’t amazing?

If you are greedy and devastated you can try to find some FREE partners like our site dead4movie.com, and hype it from here for FREE!

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Dead Movie Trailers

Our site has opened a new tool for all new comers of all colors and sorts. If you have your movie trailer or video clip which you would show or even sell, you can post it here in dead4movie.com, adding your own article or a whole blog! Moreover, you can add [info_box] your permanent back links to your main site or you e-cart for FREE![/info_box] We are not charging you for any legal activity here.

Why should we do that?

  • First of all, as a member of this site you will receive permanent head and back links to your own site!
  • Increase your site PR and traffic.
  • Promote your product here with your own abilities to write your own posts about about it!
  • If you already have a finished product, just put a link to your e-cart from our site, increasing you sells.
  • Show your movies to more people around the world!
  • Include your YouTube channel link here on dead4movie.com increasing your YouTube traffic.
  • It takes just about 5 minutes to own your own permanent space!
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