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Transformers III: Dark of the Moon Sucks – Fuck This Boasted Movie!

It’s happened that I watched “Transformers III – Dark of the Moon” before its official release, that pile of hyper CGI budget shit and guess what? I was fucking disappointed in the whole franchise!

You probably thought that “Transformers II Revenge of the fallen” is by far the worst part of its series. But thanks to Steven Spielberg for his TS3! This piece of shit is like a Spider Man III of its genre – boasted, over-hyped and super pissed.

Transformers III Dark of the moon 2011

The worst part here that it doesn’t deserve our money on popcorn and ticket at all! I thought there will be more development about Optimums Prime and his new “chick”, but instead of that they put some new bizarre robotic heroes like Zordon, who transforms into a Phantom Truck. A giant truck which is invisible sometimes, or shit like that, I usually sleep on that part.

Phantom truck? Really?

The movie plot is shit – “evil” transformers tried to conquer the Earth and did I say “TRIED”? Of course the Black Team has been blown up by the… okay, I’m not reveling the movie plot, just listen what will say Mike.

[blockquote_message]Mike TYsonThis movie is so bad that I even bought Japanese Godzilla DVD collection to realize how did they manage to cook up so fascinating cyborg-action scenes with no CGI at all?[/blockquote_message]

Mike Tyson.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right Mikey,Transformers III is more like a fucking I-pod advertising than a movie. Even a fucking CGI level worse than any Evander Holyfield’s hook in the nuts. I mean, the quality is good but the level of execution, it’s like you’re watching another computer game not a movie at all!

Judging by the past prequels it has less originality in the plot and character development, there is no charismatic leader in Transformers III! It is more it like Power Rangers doodling and meddling in the middle of the battle. Imagine watching a Scarface with no Tony Montana, just a bunch of Cuban bastards trying to shoot each over – no “cockroaches”, no chainsaw, no sense and plot at all.

Don’t even waste your time guys and better re-watch some Robocop movies, not this shit!


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