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I-Pad 2 Sucks – Apple Fucked Up Again

First of all, I’m not an Windows or Linux jerk, if you think it, reading my headline-NO! I even have an I-pad 1 with all gay applications in it. Yes, I’m a fucking hero, thank you, Steve Jobs! It would be better if your phones and notebooks had to be assembled in the United States Of America, not in fucking China! We don’t want to feed the alien labor forces, destroying our country… iPad 2I apologies fro intolerance, this is a global tax problem and Steve Jobs and Apple Co with no doubt are the best tech leaders.

So, what I don’t like in I-pad 2? $829 dollars! This is the first freaking reason! Oh, really it is a brand new model?! Who will pay for a smart-phone the price of the notebook? The fuck is new there? Number “2” in the brand name? Okay-okay, its has some new fresh things in it like more powerful processor dual-core, new iOS 4.3. dual cameras, huge screen for a huge American eyes, etc. Do you see some revolutionary in this list? I think its just upgraded I pod 1 and that’s all.  But….

Why it’s so fucking huge?!

iPad vs iPad mini mockup - 9.7-inch screen vs. 7-inch screen - rough size comparison

If I need a functional multimedia machine I’d better buy a 8-11″ inch laptop-the same size but the price and functionality is more advantageous and fair!  The same Apple Mac Book is more preferable for that price and it will be even more fast and long usable in comparison with that candy tablet.

Oh, you need  to play 1080p HD video games and watch the movie on it simultaneously calling to you friend, huh? What an asshole you are then. That wasn’t question, that was an assertion. You’d better buy a real thing for gamers like PC notebook Sony P or Think Pad IMHO.

Who said that sub-notebooks and net-books are worse?


It is still with no USB! Why?

What did Steve Jobs didn’t like it? What he has a USB-phobia? The world is growing and developing and we need sticks to transfer and store the data! The fuck I need to store my confidential business documents in a huge I pads and laptops? What if in one day it all goes online! What if somebody will copy my data?! What if my dog will piss on it? And what if the man from the ghetto will steal it?! Did I pad 2 had a protection from stealing the device? I mean can it automatically re-spawn or return to its owner?

Another attempt to monopolization?

Do I really need to buy from Apple I tunes and Apple TV, the media subscriptions when it’s all around for free? And even its not for free I can buy it anyway without any special applications.  Moreover, the shit is going to be addictive and you will forget about your school and parents! You even spend more money on those online services and applications than your Dodge RAM gasoline consumption. Fuck this world!

Yes, it’s pretty good for reading and browsing

And this is the only plus of that candy. By the way, I still hate the virtual keyboard! It is not serious for office applications and for serious writers. This shit is seriously for blonds, I’m sorry guys, I’m going to jerk off.

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