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Serpico (1973) – Movie Review

We started with the Cruising in the last post and I think it is a good idea to continue with Al Pacino movies further.  Serpico is the best example of underrated movie of 70’s. This excellent melodrama movie is about a new New York cop Francesco Vincent Serpico played by Al Pacino who doesn’t want to admire the corruption inside his police department and tries to play a “fair cop game”

Serpico stands like a white crow among the others, do not taking the “severance pays” from the street “friends” and his bribed colleagues. Acting like a fair and honest cop he realizes that the whole department, the whole corrupted system goes against him, squeezing and smashing him psychlogically and eventually even physically.

This is a story about how the gray reality wants to change the man, how the corrupted and rusted regime tries to make from an honest and diligent man the cogwheel, the “passer” with no principles. This movie about a small man with the great heart and persistence.

Serpico is a great movie, it is an already classic  and there is no need to criticize or describe it anymore. It’s like a Godfather of it’s genre – simple and genius, nothing to add nothing to take. Just buy this movie whatever it cost and enjoy the journey to the last Hollywood’s golden age of 70’s.

So, like said one of Serpico’s mates approaching at the bed with the sleeping cop on it:

[blockquote_message]Drop your cocks and grab your sucks!… Serpico. 1973[/blockquote_message]


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Dog Day Afternoon (1975) – Movie Review

Before going to the Olympus of notorious Tony Montana expression Al Pacino played a role of Sonny Wortzik in the Dog Day Afternoon action movie in the far and old 1975. This is probably the best example of the early Pacino appearance on the big screen. This movie made the future Scarface prototype and established Al Pacino as a prominent Hollywood star!

It’s not about dog life!

Three guys Stevie (who the fuck remembers him now?),  Sonny Wortzik (Al Pacino) and Sal (John Cazale) are decided to robber the Brooklyn Central Bank.  But the company of the three nerds has hassled to do it professionally and well planned! Instead of the 1o minute operation it turned out to be a who fucking mess with FBI!

This is a comedy and action which eventually entails in a bloody drama in the best traditions of Scarface! You can find here even a wit and pleasant (not perverted) humor in the best French and Italian traditions!

First of all, Al Pacino plays naturally and energetically the role of the intellectual psychopath and looser who needs money for his gay and pathetic boyfriend Leon (on the picture below). Leon is a homosexual dude “trapped into the man’s body” and who needs dough for an expensive surgical operation on genitalia! Oh my God!


[blockquote_message]I’m flying to the tropics, fuck the snow! Sonny Wrotzik, 1975.[/blockquote_message]


Sal (on the picture below) is a complete psychopath, a self-circled schizoid, living in his dark and doomed hallucinations. He is a pretty nervous pal and don’t like then people talk loudly around, that makes him feel non-confident and that is why sometimes he is going to shoot with no sense.

The movie script is just a brilliant gift for any human being on this planet who loves intellectual and psychedelic action! This movie is not  joke and it drains out all your time, keeping your fat ass on the chair to try realize how the hell Sal and Sonny will get out of the ass robbery situation!

[blockquote_message]The robbery should have taken 10 minutes. 4 hours later, the bank was like a circus sideshow. 8 hours later, it was the hottest thing on live T.V. 12 hours later, it was all history. And it’s all true![/blockquote_message]




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Cruising (1980) – Movie Review – Gay Al Pacino

Al Pacino… What can you say say about that notorious Hollywood actor, looking at his photo below?

Is he a gay? Yes, he looks like, but I can say more, his eyes are eyes of the great poet and an actor. His face is iconic! Al Pacino can be great and prominent even in a shitty movie, playing the role of the fagot and queer.

Actually, he plays a New Your detective cop under the cover. he enters to the shady gay places to hunt for the homosexual killer in a black leather. Cruising (1980) movie supposed to be a detective story, but I think it’s more internal struggle and drama.

It’s absolutely recommended to watch for every Al Pacino fan and not only. The movie has that pretty atmosphere of 80’s, the atmosphere of freedom and sex, open clubs and drugs! Wanna make out with some guy? No problemo, let’s go to the park!

Cruising (1980) it’s also hilarious gimp masks and public orgies, gay slang and even “cockroach” moments. Some people say that this is by far the worst picture with Al, but isn’t that fact makes you want to check it out the movie for yourself? The energy of Al Pacino will not let you go. I swear by God after that movie you will become a gay… even if you are a woman!

Check out the trailer made in Scarface style and convince for yourself!


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