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Renting A Movie Equipment

So, now you are an independent movie director, you’ve got a movie script and prepared a movie budget, where do you go next? You go to a movie equipment rental!

What could possibly be simpler than that, you might say? Believe us or not, but it could be a pain in the ass to pay a week rated retail with no instructions and professional who could assemble and disassemble all that stuff properly and in time. The time is crucial for you, then you are shooting your first 90min. feature film in two weeks! Don’t think that you are too smart to handle with that with your own hands.

[image small=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/bolexH8.jpg ” big=”http://www.dead4movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/bolexH8.jpg ” align=”left” width=”250″ height=”200″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

Remember that fiddling with the professional movie equipment (doesn’t matter film or digital) is not a work for a novice, you can damage the fragile elements of film or scratch the focus. A lot of problems with hinges and crooks which could be not mentioned by your retailer.  Yes, movie implements are heavy and complicated. It is not your home camcorder! Let’s start our survey:


The cinematographer (DP) is not going to handle with the renting of movie equipment, remember this. It’s your own problem. Take 2-day week agreement and don’t buy retail! Also remember to take a whole pack, with tripod, wide angles, screen, etc. You need a pack not a body of camera. Don’t think you can buy other parts somewhere else cheaper and it will roll with that.


Don’t you ever in your life use sound tools fitted in your rented movie camera (digital)!  Those are cheap consumers chips used only for camera testing. Don’t use even microphones which coming with it! They are for documentaries and college gonzos not for movies! Hire a sound-man with his own best equipment. The good sound-man should have own professional stuff. Check out if he has different types of microphones. If he hasn’t, then leave him alone.


“Independent” light trucks! Never seen them in your town? Check out in yellow pages and directories and you will probably find them. Why it’s the best choice to hire an “Independent” light truck? Because an independent truck, or van has already gripper, gaffer and light equipment inside! Help those entrepreneurial people to survive, give them a job! Let’s specify a little bit about lightning. It should be classical three position light bulbs:

===Key===  Back ===  Fill===


Just two famous brands “Fisher Dollies” and “Chapman-Leonard”.  And don’t be neurotic renting a movie equipment, don’t show your naive and emotional notions, or they will boost the price! Be cool. Wanna save money on dollies? Grab your camera on shoulder and run. Those steel bastards are not cheap, so you’d better find some alternative posts about how to assembly your own movie dolly.

Film stock.

Most expensive part in your movie equipment for a first time film-making activity. Just two words: Kodak and Fuji. Make a request how to get a free stock from them, maybe you heard they also provide that optioned.

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