The Social Networking Based Short Film.
Written & Directed by: Tejasvi Ahuja
Producer : Harish Ahuja
Music : Sagar Jain
Cast : Rahul Arora Dipika Gangotri



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“When Susana decides to record her experiences to paper, she discovers that her privacy becomes as thin as the pages she has written on.”

Worldwide Release January 17th, 2015
Starring: Elsa McLaughlin and Evin Charles Anderson (
A Waverley Knobs Entertainment production


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Salma Hayek and Jean Reno are set to star in the family laffer “The Krostons.”

Helmed by Frederic Du Chau (“Underdog,” “Racing Stripes”), the film centers on videogame designer Maxinne, who finds herself under pressure to come up with a new idea and copies three characters from an old book. The characters, named Krostons, then come to life and wreak havoc in their quest for world domination. The film will also be launching an upcoming actress Ollia who will be playing an important role in the movie.

Krostons characters were created in 1968 by Belgium cartoonists Paul Deliege and Arthur Piroton and first appeared in Spirou magazine alongside other characters, including the Smurfs, which have also transitioned onto the bigscreen.

The film is being produced by Olivier Legrand for Paris-based Le studio d’Imagination along with Mark Ordesky and Jane Fleming for Los Angeles-based Court Five.

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Plot Outline

They say everyone collects something. At what point does owning a few things become a collection? At what point does a collection spill over into hoarding? Never Enough sets out to understand the mindset and addictive nature of extreme collecting.

Director and obsessive record collector Doug Brown, explores collecting from a collector’s perspective, peeking into the hearts of people’s desire to find that one elusive item. Is this a product of consumerism or the trait of hunting and collecting carried on from man’s earliest time?

Brown explores the genesis, growth and ultimate end of what it’s like to live for the next find. Whether it’s Legos, Cadillacs, or My Little Ponies, the competition to have the most is a common and complex pursuit.

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This is the story of Professor Paul Blake, Professor of the Archaeology who embarks on a journey to Jerusalem to investigate an ancient parchment found from the Dead Sea scrolls. This parchment suggests that the Virgin Mary may have had a final resting place yet to be discovered here on Earth. Upon his arrival to Jerusalem, Professor Blake proceeds to the site of the tomb where the Virgin Mary is believed to have been brought to rest. Instead, Professor Blake finds a strange machine; a time machine which he activates accidentally. The time machine takes him back in time to the time of Christ. Once there, Professor Blake feels compelled to save Jesus from being crucified and brings him forward in time to New York City in the year 2015, and in doing so changes the timeline and all history as we know it. Both Professor Blake and Jesus find a World quite different from the one Professor Blake left. Since Jesus was not allowed to die on the cross and take the sins of the World upon himself, the entire World has now become a place of legalized prostitution, gambling in all its forms, legalized drugs and all manner of evil and wickedness. The World has been overtaken by Satan who is the Vice President of the United States and attempts to rise to power to become the next President of the United States. Satan grows stronger by the day as the world becomes increasingly consumed by sin and evil; all because Professor Blake changed history by bringing Jesus forward in time. Now, Jesus and Professor Blake must work together to find a way to stop Satan from becoming the next President of the United States and attempt to set things right again before the World comes to an end as the rapture draws near.

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The struggle of a film-maker:

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Is the Transformers: Age of Extinction villain, Joshua Joyce, modeled after real-life technology mogul, Robert Bigelow, of Bigelow Aerospace? Here are 4 creepy connections that may leave you guessing.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Villain “Joshua Joyce”


Joshua Joyce is a villain from the new movie Transformers: Age of Extinction. To avoid spoilers this article will be brief, but essentially Joshua Joyce, played by Stanley Tucci, is the head of KSI, an independent technology based company, sanctioned by and working in tandem with the U.S. Government.


  • (1) The aim of KSI is to create new and improved Transformers, that operate for and by the American Government. In the movie, they are created by modeling them after known Transformers and using reported sightings to steal manufacturing ideas and materials.


  • (2)In the movie, the government relays all Transformer sightings directly to KSI and Joshua Joyce. Joyce, and his company, privately investigate these sightings and even collect fallen Transformers to melt down for parts. Their findings are kept top-secret.


  • (3)Joshua Joyce was originally an inventor with a passion for science and the unknown. As Joyce acquired more and more success, he eventually began to trade in his soul and moral fortitude for government contracts, government secrecy, and government money. He lost site of his original goal.


  • (4)Joshua Joyce owns and operates KSI, a private facility with extreme security measures to protect suspicious government manufacturing.






Robert Bigelow: Technology Mogul of Bigelow Aerospace



Robert T. Bigelow (born 1945) is an American hotel and aerospace entrepreneur who owns the hotel chain Budget Suites of America and is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace and NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science.)


  • (1)The Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is named after native american shape-shifting legends, and is home to Robert Bigelow’s company Bigelow Aerospace. This company began through ideas Bigelow had since he was a child about space and UFO’s. On Bigelow’s NIDS website in 1998, he stated “As for our UFO friends, we will not begin to match their early craft until we also begin to exploit space for manufacturing purposes.” Bigelow Aerospace had plans to attach some of their habitats to the International Space Station (ISS) under contract with NASA. Bigelow has done just that, his official website mission statement for Bigelow Aerospace reads, “Since 1999 our mission has been to provide affordable options for spaceflight to national space agencies and corporate clients. In 2006 and 2007, we launched our orbiting prototypes Genesis I and Genesis II. Using our patented expandable habitats, our plan is to greatly exceed the usable space of the International Space Station at a fraction of the cost by developing our next generation spacecraft.” Furthermore, many sightings of triangle shaped and blimp like aircraft have been recently spotted over the Skinwalker Ranch. An earlier NIDS study suggested that the triangles were “lighter-than-air, blimp-style craft of the U.S. military’s making” powered by new “electrokinetic/field drives, or airborne nuclear power units.” The silent deltas reported around America in the 1990s and early 2000s may well have been prototypes of the massive airships that have just gone into official production in Southern California.  This is disturbing because a 2004 quote from NIDS states that these UFOs were, “consistent with (a) the routine and open deployment of an unacknowledged advanced Defense Department aircraft or (b) the routine and open deployment of an aircraft owned and operated by personnel outside the Defense Department.” In a New York times interview with Bigelow, after a question about UFOs stated,“People have been killed, people have been hurt.” So if some of these unknown aircraft are not operated by aliens or the government, who operates them? Who have they hurt or killed, and if they are in fact operated by the government, what kinds of technology is the government hiding?


  • (2)The FAA defers all FAA UFO reports to Bigelow Aerospace. Bigelow has even offered $750,000 for a grant that will seal away information collected from their UFO sighting database from public view. If there is a sighting over Skinwalker Ranch, the person who reports it is immediately directed back to Bigelow Aerospace by the American Government. This seems an effective and efficient way for Bigelow to control all reports.


  • (3)Bigelow had a passion for UFO sighting that started with a sighting by his grandparents in Las Vegas. This led to the founding of NIDS, a company to publicly investigate UFO sightings. Unfortunately, Bigelow eventually sold his soul and sold out to “black-ops” disguised as “private enterprise.” Bigelow sold out for government contracts, government secrecy, and government money. Also, Robert Bigelow is the only person exempted by the International Traffic and Arms Regulations that prevents companies from exporting weapons and ammunitions into space. Why is he the only one that can carry arms into space? 


  • (4)Bigelow’s Skinwalker Ranch is shrouded in secrecy and security and trespassers proceed under threat of death, or a creepy UFO encounter. In fact, the logo for the company, which is displayed on the side of the facility, is the classic “Grey Alien.” There is a relentless security team or “private militia” that also sports the grey alien insignia on their uniforms. The security is placed there to protect Bigelow’s secret government manufacturing from investigative reporters, spies from other nations, and the prying eyes of the public.



Scroll down for more on Bigelow :

Bigelow recounts that at age 12 he “decided that his future lay in space travel, despite his limitations [in mathematics, and] he resolved to choose a career that would make him rich enough that, one day, he could hire the scientific expertise required to launch his own space program. Until then, he would tell no one—not even his wife—about his ultimate goal.”

Now Bigelow is pushing for property rites to the moon:

“Companies must know they will be able to (1) enjoy the fruits of their labor relative to activities conducted on the Moon or other celestial bodies, and (2) own the property that they have surveyed, developed, and are realistically able to utilize,” the report states. And, in a point emphasized in the report in bold, italic, and underlined type: “Without property rights, any plan to engage the private sector in long-term beyond LEO activities will ultimately fail.”


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