Submission FAQ

We will help you to promote your movie!

If you are actively involved in independent movie making, on-line movie promotion or on-line movie distribution you can submit your query by clicking on contacts.


-Do you accept only so-called independent movies?

No, we submit any movies which are not prohibited by law (porno, violence, provocative materials)

-Why should I wait for a moderation of my post?

Because there are lot of spammers are registering on our website!

-When it will be posted?

As soon as our moderator will approve your movie material you will be automatically notified via e-mail.

-What kind of movie trailers do you submit?

Any feature movies and video clips which are not prohibited by law and copyright requirements. It can be any independent and guerrilla movie trailer in any language (preferably if you will put English subtitles).

-What kind of promotional materials do you submit on your site?

We do submit any related movie articles, movie reviews, movie critiques, movie publicity, movie trailers, footage and clips.

-How can I upload my movie trailer?

You can upload it through any video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo orĀ  Vzaar, etc. there are a lot of free video hosts.

-Do you accept You Tube or Google video embedding?

Yes we do. We do embed videos from many other video steaming websites like Vimeo.

-Do I have any limitations in uploading of my promotional material?

No, you have no limits, but you shall prepare a full pack to submit it in one go.

-Do you submit any commercial advertising clips or materials not related with the movies?

Unfortunately, we do not submit any commercial advertising clips and materials. Our web site is oriented only for feature movies and video clips of all genres and colors.

-Do you guarantee the popularity of my movie project?

We do not. This is a self-distribution web site in which everyone has equal chance to broadcast his project.