How To Submit a Movie?
It's is easy and it's free!

How To Submit A Movie?


1-Register/Login to our website

your movie channel login

2-Go to a Dashboard and Post

  • It is important to have a brief movie description or a review! Don’t forget to upload (link) your movie stills/screens!


3-Embed your video trailer

  • Embed your video link to the page. Please note that any video embed for your THUMB requires WIDTH=650, HEIGHT-300 so it will look like this:

4-Put the Tags and Meta Description (optional)


5-Thumb poster/embed

      • Submit your movie poster (we also do recommend to submit it to IMDb) as it shown in the following example:

6-Save your Post as Pending Approval!

  • Our moderators will proofread, edit and publish it for free!

also check this page:

What to include into my Movie Submission?


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