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The Batman (short film by me)

In this film three men go to rob a store, but Batman stops them.
A small town girl returns home only to inherit more problems than she brought.
Orajnoitik Noy is make on memories of Delhi Gangrape Victim 2012. Movie revels bed relations to women,a new crisis man arises in Modern India Today.Orajnoitik Noy(Ploitics) is produced by Subash Ahuja,Written & Directed by Robin Das

X-Men 2000 Full Movie Online

X-Men is a 2000 American superhero film based on the fictional Marvel Comics characters of the same name.

Nigazhvu Full Shortfilm 2014(With English Subtitles)

This is my 2nd short film.Film is 50% in English so subtitles would be disabled if the characters are talking in English.

Directed by:Yuvaraj
Produced by: Nite Lite Productions
Co-Produced by: VINNAYAGAR BROTHERS & Blueagles Productions
Music by:Yuvaraj

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Marmam-The Confusion(With Eng Subs)

This is the 1st short film of director abel this year. 1 Truth 2 sides. Directed by ABEL Produced by AVY PICTURES & VINNAYAGAR BROTHERS Co-Produced by BLUEAGLES PRODUCTIONS LIKE,CMNT YR RATE OUT OF /10 & SHARE.


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After having written and directed ‘Léa no more’ (2012) which was selected at the short film corner at the Cannes 2012 Film Festival, Christophe Previte, has written and directed his first feature film "Tell me the truth" (2013), a French Thriller produced by Ouvre Les Yeux. (Thriller - 62mn - In French - English sub-titles). Watch the film with Vimeo on demand.

When a flaming demon steps through a portal in the teenage Reynaldo Reyes living room in Brooklyn, N.Y. and in Tampa Florida. It’s just the first of a series of frightening encounters and unexplained deaths, including that of the well-known rapper Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. This is the bizarre true story of a life-long struggle with the supernatural/horror.

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Homestead Haunted House Movie is Directed by: ALY FARR AND SAMUEL BROCK FLYNN .

the url to movie 


this movie is sponsored by SAMUEL BROCK FLYNN SHOW.COM       and SAMUEL BROCK FLYNN


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