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Can Ya’ Hear Me Now? – Trailer 2
This feature film is about a happily married couple. One loves God and the other loves to party. Balancing the two into one love presents a unique challenge
The Haunted Mansion 13 – Teaser
The Haunted Mansion 13 - Vintage model Silent Horror film Teaser Written & Directed by Shine Almighty
LE SILENCE PURE – Movie Trailer
Businessman with a PHD attached to his name but yet very humble. Nothing moves him. Father wishes for his son to settle down with Ruth a devoted servant of God, business woman and loyal friend to Patrick. Patrick comes in encounter with his old pal Vincent.
Later Aim For The Moon – Movie Review
Keren, a young woman and flutist at a classical orchestra , is re-adapting to her apartment in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, after three weeks at a rehabilitation center, where she was hospitalized following an episode of a neural disease, which made her dependent on a wheelchair.
Broken England
This is teaser 1 for Broken England our new online serial due for release in may.
Self Inflicted
Jim is a normal guy, except for his masochistic tendencies, who is looking for Ms. Right. Can he control his destructive urges long enough to find her?
E.M.M.A. (Movie Trailer)
Imagine awakening one day to discover that you are not human. That you can memorize entire books word for word but not recall the day before.
THE CART ( a film by Ashraf Shishir )
This is the story of the indomitable dream of two young brothers and their incredible journey in life. The story of human spirit, sufferings and simple joy.
The Couple – Short Film Teaser – 2013
A 60 second teaser for the up and coming short film 'The Couple'