Start Making A Movie
Start making a movie

Start Making A Movie

A movie or a film – making starts from the vision. Creating a movie means creating a movie script in the first place. Whatever it is independent movie or not, 35mm film or digital sector, you should to have that picture, that drama or action already finished in your head.

The vision is the essence of any creative activity and it is the source of the movement. First of all, get the plot and then get the plan and the budget. After you get those things established you can call yourself whatever you want, independent or dependent movie maker. This might be a frustrating aspect but in any means necessary.

Some people have a movie budget but have no movie plot, no vision at all. Some others have the last, but don’t see the bright side from their bank accounts. Whatever position you are holding now, you should to admire that the movie is a movie script itself.

Another moment is the movie directing and visiuals – are the “flesh” of the movie and it can make you picture outstanding.

You can make a bad movie with the good script, but you can’t make a good movie with the bad script

Who is the head of your movie?

If the movie has been written and directed by one man it could be probably the best way of the realization. Why? The man, who writes the movie script or the fiction book, probably knows what he is doing. He knows well the vision of the created movie; he knows the “heart” and the “soul” of the imaginary world if you will.

But if you will give the same piece of the text to another man, e.g. to a movie director, who maybe don’t give a damn thing about the imaginary worlds and plots at all, who is probably from the Director’s Guild Of America (DGA) and who has a lot of kids to feed, then he will definitely make a different movie in comparison with the long planned idea.

And we are not talking about the movie producer, who is aiming only at the marketing aspect. Of course he is doing well considering the market, because the movie making is all about the money. However, he might be a bad pro-visioner of the commercial success, reading your paper. The vision could be distorted and erased from the picture if you will give it to another man.

Of course this is not the rule, but the practice that shows that the movies made by the side directors, especially not talented, sucks harder than the movies made by the centralized head. The centralized head is a movie writer, producer and director in one person.

Now it’s very popular to call an independent movie maker, which actually is not true. The only thing from the independent movie maker is free and independent is his limited budget and professional connections. That is why the rule centralized head is so substantial for those independent movie makers.

How a movie gets success?

It might be wrong about the success of you movie if you will act as a centralized head instead of the hired movie director. It might be the wrong assertion, especially if a centralized head is an idiot adventurist who has no vision at all.

It might be wrong, when sometimes the hired movie director saves the decent script giving to the bleak writing a new color, but this is a rare case and this is a risky way in a movie business.

The movie business is for people with “balls” in any aspects of that word, starting from the screenwriting and ending in the editing room with the tainted pizza.

Independent movie starts probably from that centralized head principle there you have no chances to hire movie directors and assistants. But if you are the writer of the big hand and have a great script it will be a big mistake to lose the opportunity to direct your movie by yourself, unless you have hired Oliver Stone.

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