Online Movie Promotion

Online movie promotion

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Online movie promotion becomes more prominent and efficient as a marketing option for movie industry today. It unites all structures starting from independent movie channels to Hollywood tycoons, merging them all in competition. Online movie promotion grows annually offering definitely some serious alternatives for standard offline promotional channels.

However, that doesn’t mean that the online movie promotion is a total substitution to the offline traditional movie channels like theatrical releases, TV ads, video on demand, cable accounts, publicity, etc. These offline marketing channels are still remaining as a highest grossing tools creating most profitable Hollywood share today.

But we are independent movie makers, not a DreamWorks millionaires. Could we seriously consider the online movie promotion as a profitable and marketable system? Does any independent movie maker has a chance to succeed in online movie promotion today?

It all depends of your product and ability to work. Anyone can open an online business, but not anyone can reach the rank and hold it well enough. We can definitely say that you can sell your first independent movie online and it will revenue to you in a price of a good Miami house (not foreclosed :) ) if you will work hard enough. Once again, it takes years before establishing a grossing online movie market! You should also keep in mind that the movie as a product is mostly a “disposal” creation– once watched it your customer will never come back to it.


I made a movie, how to promote it online?

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Buy two domains to start your promotional campaign. The first domain is for your movie name website, e.g. and another one for your head website (here choose the name you like more,,, etc.).

On your movie name domain you will upload only your own finished independent movie and all promotional materials like related movie articles, photos, movie trailers, interviews, etc. Don’t forget to open a fan blog and hire some freelancers to write there for a start.

Write down some stories about how your independent movie has been made, some goofs about your movie crew and funny facts. We do recommend to you make a flash intro for you movie name domain, so if any new customer will enter to your site he will see the fragment from your movie directly. Make a smart movie teaser to “hook up” the audience! Clone them to You Tube and Google Videos.

Your head website will be your main face, so don’t be a scrooge to buy a professional design to look big like Warnerbros, because you have have all rights to do that! Fulfill your head website with content like “How to make an independent movie”, we hope after your first movie production experience you have left something to tell people.


Web scouting

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After you have made your independent movie and set up your websites you are probably puzzling yourself with questions like “where to go?” It’s like staying on the middle of the road in Detroit with no green card. Go online and start writing to people.

Many of you might think that your first online promotional steps will probably start in social media niches like Facebook and Blogger. Those are excellent tools and it is obviously the right choice, but don’t fall on it! They can’t make you a serious promotion! You might outrageously think the opposite, but the fact remains the fact.

Seriously, do you really think that chatting on Facebooks and Twtitters-titters will make you promotion and sales? Really? Does Spielberg just didn’t like it? Wake up kid! Hollywood movie producers might be blind idiots out of there, losing such an easy opportunity to open an account.

Nobody says it doesn’t work either, but you should mind that you are not the only independent movie maker online. Do you have any slightest idea how many teenagers and students are moaning about their 30 min “art” crap movie online? Millions! Who can guarantee that you are not one of them? Your chances are slowly falling down as soon as you are logging out of your account to go to get some booze. Online movie promotion is not a chatting, titting and doodling activity, it is a serious marketing campaign!

Another common mistake and illusion of the most first time independent movie makers is that they think that SEO services can save their business. If only that was so simple to toss out some hundreds of bucks to SEO websites and become a second Amazon or You Tube. Without any shadow of doubt SEO services can increase you web traffic, but the here is the punch line – they are mostly link optimizators and they are increasing the traffic without any selection! You need a specialized movie audience!

The SEO services are handling with your website from a technical side (code optimization) they cannot submit your link to all movie websites. They cannot go outside their shell and start conversation with the potential movie partners and movie websites. They even cannot submit the link to any movie website, because their submission is mostly automated! SEO optimization works well enough with that, but let us say what doesn’t work well enough with them – submission to specialized movie channels!