Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations

Another plausible but consumable option for you is a non-profit movie organizations. Those are art centers, theaters, schools and different types of associations. Even the major movie corporations using these sources of funding, because they are legally free! So hang up on them!

They act as a tax exempt entities – “umbrellas” of IRS – and they could possibly donate you a limited sum of money if you do you proper paper job.

Contact with all of them and ask their legal requirements. Keep in mind that they are not waiting especially for you to come and take their money, they had they own list of “film makers” on query so, as we have mentioned it before, it is a time consuming process, but it is a still good option.

Prepare your legal pack and consult with the movie layer, he will pitch it faster than you. With those non-profit organizations you can try to solicit investors and receive grants from them!

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Introduce your movie to the investor

First of all, make a research off all donators online. Type on Google “film funding”, “film grants”, and “film donations”. Try to book appointment with representative of the financial institution, live talk has a great impact against queries and letters.

All depends how will you introduce the project to the investor. Be represented professionally and organized and then you will be respected by those organizations. Prepare your business plan, movie budget and other necessary papers. You job is to convince them that you know where you will pour their donated funds.

If you will contact with those non-profit organizations, corporations or private investors and they will ask you for prospectus (proposal) prepare it!

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  • Cover letter
  • Title page
  • One-liner
  • Table of contents
  • Director’s statement
  • Synopsis of story
  • History of project
  • Research
  • Top sheet of budget
  • Production schedule
  • Cast list
  • Brief re´sume´s of creative team
  • Press clippings
  • Description of market for project
  • Letter from fiscal sponsor (if applicable)
  • Letters of support
  • Financial statement
  • Means of transferring funds

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