Movie Entrepreneur

Movie entrepreneur

Movie entrepreneur – is the next step of movie making industry. It opens to every individual with the bright ideas new opportunities to realize your own concept! Today”s movie making expenses are so affordable that even Uwe Boll could be a movie director.

A movie industry stems out of the true entrepreneurial spirit and talented crew.  Yes, you can make your own independent movie! So how does it possible to make your own move? How much does it cost? I can say to you it can start from 1$ to a millions. All depends of what do you actually want to achieve and what are shooting for.

Now you know what does it mean the independent movie maker word isn’t? That pretty “independent” doesn’t mean what you’re a going to be under big demand after your first movie or moreover, be sponsored by Hollywood tycoons. Your path is a constant shooting of the movie projects, starting from the small YouTube sketches to the feature films.

Does it worth to go independent?

Yes it does! Several years ago I was worried about my screenwriting.   I was thinking about movie investors, producers and major movie studios with big money. These were “Gods” for filmmakers in XX century, who were deciding who will carry the title of a movie project, who will direct it and will it be a hit or not.

Today we can definitely say that the picture of movie making in XXI has changed radically. Of course the “Gods” of movie making are still alive and still ruling their “standards”, but there always will be a big BUT! And that is YOU—an independent movie maker. There are no strict standards anymore! Forget the 80’s!

The great progress of the Internet and digital technologies has revolutionized it all! Now all decides your vision and imagination. The technologies and budgeting are going in a second plan, because it becomes cheaper than even a good idea! And if you have that idea, you will rule the world!

Movie director

How do you feel to be a movie director? What does directing a movie mean to you? For me, it’s a TOTAL control of all the steps, from to pre-production to post-production, from screen writing to video editing and even promoting!

The history of movie making is filled with many examples of how side movie directors have mutilated and distorted the original plots, spoiling all the potential of the movie script, leading to misunderstanding of the original ideas.

“Because of an independent man have independent projects he should act independently!”

Therefore, to avoid any misinterpretations, I insist that only the writer of the movie script should direct it. Of course, that writer should be serious about his work, making it not just for a quick sale and then squatting in a corner, but also to achieve personal aims such as opening their own movie studio and shooting the feature film.