Independent movie channels

Use Independent movie channels!

As an independent movie maker you should to take a serious step towards affiliation and side promotion with other movie channels. You probably might think that we are going here on self promotion? It is your right to think that, but let’s face with some interesting facts.

For example, you are already have your movie website and many social accounts like Facebook and Twitter. What makes you big and outstanding amongst the other movie studios? What makes you big in the face of mighty and hellish Google? Let’s look at the picture below:

[image small=”” big=”” align=”nonalign” width=”680″ height=”290″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

We’ve got some social accounts here and God bless you if people love you there and buy your movie! But what thinks about you Google? Only 3 links? Only Facebook and Twitter? Come on, everyone has those Twitter-titter links, millions have them! What makes you unique in that case? If only you had a WB link to your website…

Now let’s look at the next case:

[image small=”” big=”” align=”nonalign” width=”680″ height=”290″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

You’ve got all affiliates from different independent movie channels like this for example for FREE! What thinks about you Google now?


[blockquote_message]All major movie related websites are pointing at this guy… hmm. He must be fucking nuts![/blockquote_message]

Google might think you have steel balls enough to stay near WB! Why? Because everyone in the internet has an equal ability to have that Warner Brothers looking site and PR! Now you can be visible for professionals!

Let’s make a recoup

  • Buy two or more domains
  • Create two or more different movie websites
  • Write down and submit all content and promotional material to each of them
  • Use SEO services for the code optimization and web-design optimization
  • Submit your websites to search engines manually (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Open social accounts (Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Digg, etc)
  • Open You Tube and Google video accounts
  • Now, again submit your website to another 300-500 search engines (SEO, for fee)
  • Affiliate with other independent movie channels (FREE)
  • Submit as much promotional materials to them as you can
  • Spend some money to hire “buzzers” and bloggers
  • Pray to God


Reciprocal business services.

[image small=”” big=”” align=”left” width=”280″ height=”190″ type=”image” skin=”on”]

Why do independent movie channels want to solicit more independent movie makers like you on their websites? Why do they want it to do even for FREE? Do you really believe it is because they like you? No, but they might to! Online movie promotion has its own marketing system and business reasons.

The answer is simple – reciprocal traffic exchange. Submitting your movie promotional material, both movie activists are gaining what they expected-promotion for independent movie maker and the website traffic for his affiliate.

The most amusing part of the independent movie partnership is that the both sides are losing nothing, except 2 min for submission and FREE membership. Can you do that offline? What is the best part of it?

The best part of the reciprocal business activity is that you can be visible to the other major and high ranked movie websites like the mentioned above WB. Do you really think they have no “online scouts” which are looking for talents and projects online? How about Justin Beiber? Oh… my… God… :(

Unfortunately, on this terrible line we have to say only one phrase- learn! Learn more about online movie promotion here: