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movie reelOur independent movie channel is devoted to guerrilla and independent movie making, online movie promotion and distribution.  If that already sounds interesting for you then you’ve got in a right place! We all know that there are no formulas of success in independent movie making just like in any entrepreneurial activity.

What we can say about independent movies? Many of us have seen them million times online, in theaters and DVD shops,  but not anyone knows how to make it! And what is the worse of all, that not anyone knows how to move it forward! The answer is simple — online movie marketing and online movie promotion are your future steps!

The internet has a big opportunity for that only if you know how to operate with information and how to appropriately market your ideas and movie projects. Every independent movie-maker has a chance to promote his independent movie with us for FREE! Moreover, we can definitely say that everyone has an opportunity to promote and distribute his movie online with minimal cost.

How to make an independent movie?

independent movieThe Hollywood movie industry and some of the so-called official film-making schools are still tricking the audience with banal lessons and formulas how to make a million dollar feature movie if you are already a movie director.  Why it is so banal and unreasonable for a newcomer?

Because all those “successful movie formulas” are made out of “million dollars” theory, that in 99% are not applicable for the beginners like you! Yes, many of those schools are  giving a true and useful information, but once again it’s not acceptable for a fist time movie-maker to realize, because it doesn’t work with your situation!

If you already have 2$ millions that means you are in 99% sponsored by a movie producer or studio and you now just a hired movie director, but not an independent movie maker!

Of course, to be a hired as movie director is a big privilege, if only you’ve made something before. Nobody hires and invests in people with no background in movie-making business! To make that first step you are going to be an independent movie maker, that means be a movie producer, screenwriter and movie director for yourself!

Any fool knows how to make a movie with 2-5 million budget with his professional crew, any fool can read the film making theory, but only few people know how to find and achieve that from a shoestring!

Forget about your movie making school!

Visit our virtual independent  “Filmmaking school” absolutely for FREE and with NO REGISTRATION and you will find various tips from real life and experience.  Movie making tips like how to:

write a movie scrip, breakdown a movie script, promote your movie online, distribute your movie online, prepare a marketing campaign and strategy, commence a business plan, evaluate film production costs, set up online planning, evaluate online market development, optimize website promotion and web page optimization, meet with particular legal forms and tips, how to prepare a movie budget, how to finance your first movie project, movie investment from different financial institutions, how to scout and secure the shooting locations, how to rent movie equipment, download official forms and papers, LLC or INC legal issues,

And many many more!