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On our independent movie making site we are accentuating all our FREE sources and materials towards low-budget and micro-budget movie making. We have some interesting movie tips and secrets. As you can define from the mentioned statement this website is devoted for a first time independent movie makers who are seriously prepared and set up for movie making.

Making a movie can be realized in different marketing directions, it can be a low-budget feature movie for theater release, it can be low-budget movie for local distribution on DVDs and on demand and the micro-budget segment for pay-per-view online distribution. All dependents of your abilities and talent.

We are going forward to explain all these movie making steps in precise details and examples for all movie directors, movie writers and all people with entrepreneurial spirit. We are also looking forward to experience exchange, and that is why do provide for all newcomers a FREE blog space, so that everyone can express s his own opinion and maybe share his own tips about movie making.

Movie making steps

Tape File Reel Clip ArtBefore going to your first cam across friend and scram “I’m going to make an dependent movie!” take on consideration that movie making is not your hobby anymore. Forget about those silly college activities and your consumer camcorder.

This site is about serious business activity, and movie making is a business not an art! If you are thinking in the same way you will probably succeed. Once again, toss all your illusions about art aside and start thinking like a business man, because a movie making is a serious business gambling!

These are the movie making steps:

  • Write/Buy a movie script
  • Secure the rights on your movie script
  • Breakdown a movie script
  • Register your movie studio (LLC, Inc, etc)
  • Acquire a movie insurance
  • Scout the shooting locations
  • Prepare all necessary papers to secure your locations
  • Prepare a movie budget plan
  • Finance your movie budget/solicit investors
  • Prepare a shooting schedule
  • Manage a casting call
  • Handle the first rehearsal
  • Shooting stage preparation
  • Movie equipment rental
  • Hire a publicist and photographer
  • PRODUCTION (tips)


Now try to say the “art” word after all of these steps? And those are only PRE-PRODUCTION basics, we did not include all other particular tips and leaved the PRODUCTION and PRE-PRODUCTION phases unrevealed. If you interested in movie making then click below:


to find all information pertaining your future independent movie making career!

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