Welcome To The Filmmaking School!

Welcome to the Filmmaking School!

If you haven’t any finished movie projects behind your back, you would probably find a lot of interesting and useful information.

The Hollywood film industry and so-called official movie making schools and colleges are brainwashing the audience with a banal lessons how to make a million dollar feature movie.  Why it’s banal? Because they are all stemming out from theory and million budget tips, which in 99% is not appropriate for beginners like you! Yes, they are maybe giving true information for you, but once again it’s not appropriate for a fist time movie makers and it doesn’t work in real life!  Probably any fool can make it out how to make a movie with 1-5 million budget with his professional crew and equipment, but only few people know how to find or achieve that from zero point! As a first time filmmaker you will probably start from you zero point and it probably will be a digital movie, which is not so promising as it sounds on TV adds.

Forget about your movie college!

Here, on the free ON-LINE filmmaking school you will find various tips from real life and experience.  Useful movie production topics like “how to start write a movie scrip”, “how to breakdown the movie script”, “how to prepare a movie budget”, “how to raise the funds and finance your feature movie from the different financial institutions”, “how to scout and secure the locations”, “how to rent video equipment with no loss”, “what official forms and documents should you find and prepare for your shooting”, “what a legal preparations and steps should you establish before going to shoot your first feature movie”, and many many more!

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