Dead4Movie - Keeping Your Movie Alive! Tue, 15 Jul 2014 09:53:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Little to Nowhere to Go. Tue, 15 Jul 2014 09:52:18 +0000 If there is a struggling point of your eternity making a movie alive or finished, or by any reason promoted then don’t get discouraged first.

  • Get social networks work for you
  • Get video sharing hosters host for you
  • Get  multiple submission companies do it for little or few bucks done
  • Get meticulously persistent in manual submissions to the “donor” websites (such as d4m)
  • Make Movie Trailers visible in any context you may have see or hear it (Streaming, Radio, Posters,)
  • Create numerous blogs
  • Hire/Write about your movie (Organic Writing)

and the last but not the least:

Shoot more SHITTY SHORTS, MORE, MORE, MORE, until you’ll not get your first paycheck. Then shoot a serious movie!

It takes a month to shot a movie and years to promote it!

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Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours Tue, 15 Jul 2014 09:22:41 +0000 The Dark Knight returns for a fan film that does Batman justice. Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours is a film that delves deep into the psyche of a seasoned Batman. Convinced Gotham City is in his able hands, Bruce Wayne learns mind-shattering truths about the world he lives in.

A DC fan film Inspired by works such as “Flashpoint” and Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”

Get more info at via these links below!

This is a non-profit fan film and is not endorsed by or affiliated with DC Comics/DC Entertainment, Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, or any of their parent companies or affiliates. All names and references are copyright and trademark of their respective holders. This film is for entertainment purposes only.

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“The Greatest Sex I’ve Ever Had” – Movie Trailer (2014) Tue, 15 Jul 2014 09:12:21 +0000 This is a comedy about three couple with issues in their sex lives. Instead of seeking help they play Mr. and Mrs. Fix It. It becomes a hilarious disaster.  Staring Crystal Nichole from “We’re the Miller’s View Postrs” Watch theTrailer !

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She Lives Her Life (Official Trailer) – Your Movie 2014 Wed, 04 Jun 2014 16:11:21 +0000 She Lives Her Life is a modern day retelling of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1962 film Vivre Sa Vie.  The movie is told in 12 chapters as we follow Betsy through a series of relationships and encounters, by day she works at a pawn shop, by night she lives her life. 

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Ivy Leaf Film – Still Alive and Plugging! Fri, 30 May 2014 14:35:12 +0000 Watch our new commercial as we continue to grow and work on two new movie projects. One a claymation Zed featurette.

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BAD GUD GUY – Documentary Tue, 27 May 2014 15:31:41 +0000 Bad Gud Guy, a 12 minute docu-drama produced by Oxy Braggart Media and made by Srikar Reddy has found its audience online. The documentary that has tagline ‘A rare story from thousands of similar stories’ has been seen by over 10k people all over globe as of now. The film is directed by 17 year old teenager Srikar Reddy from India. And the story of how it is made forms so.

Bad Gud Guy from Srikar Reddy on Vimeo.

“it all started in the August of 2013 when my first documentary ‘Aal Abt Clg’ was in the final stages of its making and when a preview of the film was shown in college at an event, I met this guy who was classmate but I have not seen him a single time during the first year of our junior college! I was surprised when I met him through a common friend Himanshu Nahak said that he belonged to the same class as I belonged too and that he never came to college previous year as he was in Bad company and had not attended college even a single day through out the year yet his parents had no idea of his past and he is normal now. what happened in the previous year? If he was very bad who did not attend college for an year then how is he very good now?

This is what attracted me towards his story and I was sure that I had to make a docu-drama on him, I din’t know how and when. I was confused. I thought of leaving it. And now after 8 months I have 12 minute film with our 10k audience and likes of filmmakers like Ben Proudfoot, I feel I have achieved it. The making was very simple on a level and very hard on another. And now I want to share with the world how was the journey of making been.

After I persuaded him to give permission to make a documentary for some months he said yes after a condition that his identity should not be revealed. I instantly said yes. The casting was a major issue as none of the people I know agreed to act in the role of a teenager who smoked, drank alcohol and watched porn on very much. That was hard until I thought of this guy Aakash Bund who appeared in my previous documentary too. I thought everything was coming to place and took a breath and suddenly the real guy indirectly said me that he did not wanted to be a part of this project. Shocked.

And the biggest shock became the biggest asset for the film. We had to hire another actor with similar body language to tell his story in front of camera. Since the real guy has already shared everything with us, the only job for one actors was to perform what he did and the other one to simply narrate his story to camera.

It was shot in one day. All the musics were licensed and the editing work started the day we shot and took 20 days for editing again and again with the final length being 16 minutes. So when we had a finished product by the second week of April, I mailed the link to Ben Proudfoot, whose work I immensely respect and really did not expect a reply. But then after week it dropped in my inbox! Ben Proudfoot said that he liked the film very much and suggested to reduce the length. I scratched my head and thought that how can a story of 8 months can be told in 10-12 minutes and started working on it again for few days and then I had this little 12 minute film file ready to be posted online. Nervous and Excited, I mailed Ben the shorter version and he replied really soon this time saying that the film was “Great”.

As of now Bad Gud Guy was seen by 10k people closely and will be screened in schools and colleges in India in the coming months!

What I learned through out the process was that there might be many challenges, problems and dead ends while making a documentary/film but it is up to you that how you take those dead ends and start in a new direction and make great product finally! ” says Reddy, who also wants to make the short documentary into a feature as there were many things left out as they were considered too bold for making.

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Traci Kochendorfer’s “SafeLink” – short film gets nominated release date 2014 Tue, 27 May 2014 12:43:53 +0000 Traci Kochendorfer has been displaying some teasers on her first attempt debuting with experimental documentary filming. Watch the trailer below.

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‘Oliver Twisted’ (2000) – Official Movie Trailer Tue, 27 May 2014 12:39:00 +0000


‘Oliver Twisted’ (2000) with Erik Estrada and Karen Black is a movie by The Florida Film Investment Company (FFI). It was reproduced on VHS tapes for the stockholders to review before a final edit was made for the official DVD with 3 bonus features.

Plot Outline

The Happ family, Mary and her two children, Livvy, 18, and Jeff, 12, are reasonably happy. They live in a comfortable home just outside of town on a quiet lake. Mary has a good job that requires her to be away from home from time to time, but Livvy and Jeff are generally responsible. All in all the family leads a normal life — until “Cousin” Oliver joins the family. Institutionalized from birth, Oliver suffers an unfortunate accident that puts him into a coma, where he is likely to remain for the rest of his life. The Happs are his only family, and his care falls to them. Something about Oliver troubles Dr Castanada, who comes late to Oliver’s case, perhaps too late. He is right to be concerned. Soon after Oliver arrives “home” , a bedridden vegetable, bad things begin happening around the little family, and an unspeakable horror begins ripping their pleasant lives to shreds and they find themselves awash in a sea of blood.

See the official DVD poster with YouTube URL added at

The official DVD contains the cut for television movie plus three related educational bonus extra features. The YouTube channel has all that plus the stockholders VHS tape version of the movie, the trailer that was made for an FFI stockholder meeting, and more, plus more will be added later.

The official movie trailer contains an FBI warning, about the FBI, an edited MPAA bumper just to be professional, the title sequence from the VHS tape version of the movie edited green with the copyright year added, the movie trailer from the stockholder meeting with text added (some animated), and evidence exposing the con man movie pirate Eric Louzil and the marketers of the counterfeits that include Jeffrey P. Bezos (amazon) a.k.a. Lex Luthor.

See it all at

The author appears in a walk through in both versions of the ‘Oliver Twisted’ (2000) movie. The author appears in many more videos at

Skywatcher Tribe productions are done based on what we have to work with at the time. Please go to

and make tax deductible donations so we can get back into production.

Best quality disk copies of the official ‘Oliver Twisted’ (2000) DVD and more are available for a nominal tax deductible donation to the Skywatcher Tribe.

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ParadoX UnlimiteD Mon, 05 May 2014 13:15:01 +0000 Main character:Steven Jameson:  age 40, family doctor, drunk after losing wives , starts taking pills prescribed by another doctor

Second                 :Jake Jameson : age 28 , phsycologist , neat and very extreme about human behaviour , come from future to saved                                                                    his  father , Former Paradox Mafia Game winner

Minor character:

Joel J. Barish : 1 st contestant of game and was forced by his future to win the game , age 30 , gullible and feared

Sarah Jameson: age 30 , Steven’s wife and Jake’s mother, Died because of mystery ,being mugged and hit by car,

Kurt Howard : 2nd player , psychotic and hurtless ,his paradox from the future is his pioneer girl ,believe to crash the game for sole                                   purpose of death fantasy .

Mistress Tara Kent : 3rd player, dominatrix .age 25, paradox from future is his former husband which undergo resurrection and                                               also being his submissive slave

Russell : Steven former friend , join the game to solve the mystery of the game , age 40, worked for CIA and become Steven ally,                      paradox is his son resurrection ,4th player

John Trent : age 20 , hitman pay for the Mafia Italian Company (MIC) to conquer the mafia world in the future, gret handling                                     heavy armor,paradox of himself,5th player

George Ubermann: age 50, white hair  and spectacles, kinda like Martin Scorsese , mind manipulator and owned skills to identify                                   each paradox , 6th player , paradox is his book which he kept in his pants

Mr. Weisssman : President of Paradox Mafia Association , ruler of the game , leather shirts and always speaks using overtoned                                          voices

Summary ;

Steven Jameson already have gone through many sober after his wives died. He began to take pills prescribed by doctor although he is already one. Begin to question the madness of human behavior, the severity and people unconscious about his condition. Then, he realized to take his own life on one mundane night but it change when his son, Jake Jameson come through a glass in his toilet. He was soon realized that in order to save his son’s life, he must avoid getting dead. Jake revealed that he someone assigned Steve name in 21st Paradox Mafia Game.

They soon starts to recollect things including gadget from the future which they got only two while other contestants can choose whatever they want. This is based on the game rule which only Mafia Association from the future can destined their player to play with . The purpose of the game was to crowned the best player and become the president of Mafia of the world . In 3001, American’s mafia was overtaken by other countries like China and Russia. Soon, Steve and Jake got only two items , the “Witch Hands” and the Player’s detector. The rule of the game was to disarmed their paradox and sent them back to their future by killing or any methods. If the player kill the Enigma which is the player from future , the past player still can continue the game or leave it by will . But seems some of the player already resurrect or calling their future warrior and have relationship , it will caused a paradox . So, in order to save themselves, some of them resurrect them at items such books, and other stuffs.

Steve and Jake encounter all the players by using time watch given to each player .Time watch is set to play the time for each game to start and end. Each battle maybe involves all the players or cat and mouse game . When each game finished , the players will be monitored by organizers and would not be allowed to kill but just to collect data . Then , Jake who great at time will be mind behavior teamed up with his father with witch hand which can rotate time 10 seconds back and forth, gravity manipulator , and act as shield .

In the end, Steve and Jake Jamesons find the organizers lair and learned that Mr. Weissman is actually Jake reincarnation of his future . Jake kills himself to crowned his father as winner and being sent back to his future.When Jake being sucked in by the portal, He levitates and hold his father’s hands and the shining yellow light starts to appear.Steve remember Jake’s promised to look for his mother in future and protect her.Steve’s starts to knees on the floor and the ceiling starts to tear apart and the wall fabric starts to diminished into pieces.The fabric and even the green color of the wall starts to tear up one by one when Steve shouts on top of his lungs. Suddenly, the walls turned into old building and Steve was unconscious.

He woke up in CIA facility to find that he needs to return the information but all at lost.He got amnesia and starts wondering the clue that Jake gave him which to find his mother Sarah Jameson. He soon learned that someone tried to control the tournament and begins his revenge on his son.

P/s:if u like it i can start with another one..

entitled:Paradox unlimited :Resurrection of Sarah

P/s :why it is name unlimited because Steven Jameson paradox only is unlimited where they are related to each other in bloodline.

meaning that if Steve died, Jake can bring his father back at start-point where he met him , and if Jake died he can revived himself because he is already exist with Steve existence!

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Your Script – Fantasy/Science fiction Novel Trailer (Saphora vol.1) Mon, 05 May 2014 10:34:28 +0000 A video trailer I threw together for the release of my new novel, Saphora vol.1 Retention by Jaz Johnson. The first of The Saphora Trilogy. Available on Amazon and eBook.


Amazon link.


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