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If there is a struggling point of your eternity making a movie alive or finished, or by any reason promoted then don’t get discouraged first.

  • Get social networks work for you
  • Get video sharing hosters host for you
  • Get  multiple submission companies do it for little or few bucks done
  • Get meticulously persistent in manual submissions to the “donor” websites (such as d4m)
  • Make Movie Trailers visible in any context you may have see or hear it (Streaming, Radio, Posters,)
  • Create numerous blogs
  • Hire/Write about your movie (Organic Writing)

and the last but not the least:

Shoot more SHITTY SHORTS, MORE, MORE, MORE, until you’ll not get your first paycheck. Then shoot a serious movie!

It takes a month to shot a movie and years to promote it!

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Online movie promotion in a simplified manner wrenches all paradigms of the traditional information transfer. The movie marketing is an online marketing service for now long.

youtube monopoly

Broadcast yourself – depraves you from your own creative independence?

Youtube – is a monopoly monster?

Let us mention youtube one million time again and all those movie websites that are inferior to it. Many film makers just don’t do films anymore, because of the video streaming services such as youtube.

Well at first, you need to understand that youtube straightens its own policies on copyrights so if you’re having some kind of the experimental movie with the third parties film stock content (or soundtracks) you might be blocked.

You probably know those independent movies or showbiz projects that had started up from the youtube platform and then had had turned into some serious business models. For example, Gametrailers, or Cinemassacre were all starting form the independent shorts uploaded by the volunteers on youtube and after on transferred to their own host sites .

Start from youtube and then move to your own?

Such successful youtube projects then moved out to their own website niche to capitalize for their own.

Youtube is not the evil, all we’re trying to say that, it is a supplementary tool for your own gains – but don’t bet everything on it! Because you might just loose your own business niche and TIME!

If you have an independent movie project or a promising TV show, why do you need to pay your due to the third party websites such as youtube?

By creating your own website you’re creating a first platform for your own e-shop!

Now, let us dive into the particulars of the website such us So what is for you need to submit your materials, or embed them from youtube to the lower ranked websites?


Google, Yahoo and the other websites (billions of them) need to recognize:

  • your rank
  • your name
  • your logo
  • your credibility

By conceding the chance of  broadening your business links to the other movie projects you’re straightening up the monopoly of youtube – which is good only for youtube but not for you!

Why? People who have tried to make their own movie appeared visible online, had encountered so many problems of trying to promote it, that in desperation they have had nothing to do than appealing to youtube AGAIN in order to become noticed one day… And lets face it, for many people that day has never come.

Be independent – be a good thinker!

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Inadmissibility in Movie Promotion?

Supposedly you a have an outstanding Facebook account about movies and you want to expand. The first thing comes on to your mind is to invest some money for web writers and design tricks and apps… etc.

But you might be smarter than that. Why shall you consider yourself wasting your own money if you could be paid by merger companies? Let us, clarify the deed. There are so many online movie studios or online movie promotional websites who want to hire people like to write about their movies or place their stuff on your web-shelf.

Definitely, such companies as Warner Brothers or MGM already have got Facebook accounts and… do  you see what we mean?

Facebooking off!

The WARNER BROTHERS and MGM has a Facebook accounts.  By that they has all admitted that the power of internet is limitless. Now they send their promoters to gamble with Facebook charts and submissions. That is how you sell the movie, that is how you make a buzz. And remember – the buzz that’s what sells the movie!

Let us point out our destination. Create a kick ass Facebook account so it would have as many visitors as, for example 1500 per day. Believe us you could pull it up from the scratch for 1-2 years or even less, nobody knows for sure.

Advertise or just review the movies other people had created, the same thing did as for example. Make sure that you have thousands and thousand of friends linked to your Facebook.

Your friends is your Facebook status. So go ahead and send requests, concentrate on “friends”! Those people are going to buzzle your website! Don’t worry you will have crazy people writing to you about their movie projects and actor relationships – it is a first sign that you’re in a right direction.

In other words you’re Facebooking in a business way!

I have a good Facebook account so what’s now?

And now my young movie maker, is the right time to become an independent contractor for movie companies. Freelance, freelance, freelance! Go online and search for the starving movie studios (thanks for recession we have them in abundance in LA) and send them simple message like this:
[blockquote_message]I have a Facebook account with 200O subscribers and it’s about to grow for over a 25 000 on next year. Would you like to be interested in pulling off you project?[/blockquote_message]

Movie promoters who in need in a relatively cheap and fast way of movie boosting will always say “yes”. Don’t hesitate start your online search right now!


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Turn your movie studio into a filmmaking directory

What does it mean – a filmmaker directory?

Film-making directory is an organized movie directory for any participant in filmmaking industry. For example. let’s just say, you’ve made a movie “A” and your friend is also trying to shoot one.

What are you going to do with this situation form the standpoint of a movie-maker? You would probably be interested to participate in your mate’s project and that is a good thing to help to other filmmakers with their projects!

However, you might go online and create a movie directory of all independent movie makers and all perspective movie projects in your county first.

  • Gather a meeting of all movie makers you wish to acquaint
  • Rent a place, let us say, a theater and solicit all movie enthusiast in one place
  • Make a presentation on movie-making cooperation
  • Distribute simple fliers with your website address on it
  • Make sure to note that membership is free
  • Pin point the benefits of the enrollment

And that’s it! Your filmmaking directory!

For what for?

So all of you could manage your particular needs mutually. For example, a man who just shot a movie “A” has something to share with a man who is just beginning a movie production.

Or, let us say, you’re the one who starts a movie pre-production but needs an urgent help or equipment. You don’t have rich parents, do you? Well, check out with your new colleagues for assistance or barter flip some movie equipment.

Movie makers are generally artsy people and they like to make mutual exchanges in their professional field. And so shall you!


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Movie/Video marketing solution

Marketing online is an “old news” of now days, however online movie marketing is something promising and inevitable today. It was mentioned in previous articles and it will be mentioned more and more.

Movie or video marketing online is a toughest spectacle of all the worlds. Whatever you produce, software, games or any kind of media you’re going to challenged by the giants of online marketing.

Many people asks us, “why do you need such a movie channel if now days we have You Tube and Facebook? We can post it there and millions will see it!”

I have my video on You Tube. So what’s next?

You Tube is a VIDEO UPLOADER (STREAMER) not a website! You could or even should upload your movie to You Tube first, but how are you going represent it? Just posting your video to one streamer couldn’t outstand your project, because of the huge competition.

So here we go:

  • Parallel social blogging – show to people why is your movie is worthy to watch.
  • Channel placement – parallel submission of your film to movie channels.
  • Streamer alternatives – don’t bind yourself only to YouTube. Use Vimeo, Spike, Break, Blip TV and so on!
  • Facebook integration – connect to movie makers all over the world and pitch your trailer there.
  • Twitter integration – register a user-name which is akin to the title of your movie. EVEN if you don’t use Twitter at all!
  • Video Advertising – here you will need some money.
  • Traditional online advertising – simple solution average impact.
  • Make video tutorials on “how to make a video tutorial” or “how to shoot a movie’
  • Use smart-ass keywords – SEO tools are available everywhere now.
  • Buy domain names akin to your movie title – create a website
  • Try out video marketing services such as Trafffic Geyzer and TubeMogul

Do not ignore Google PR

If you want your movie to be searchable in Google then go for it! Your first movie is a bout to pop up if only you’re visible online. DO everything to create a buzz, publicity, fuss, scandals, rumors and slanders. Yeas my friend, movie making is a sick credo. You’re not going to be notice if you;re too correct and simple. Be a freak… write the content and learn more about SEO.

Make several movie trailers/teasers

Make more than 2 movie trailers to the same project but with the different approach! Harmonize the soundtrack, try different expositions and titles. Do not stick with only first one and the last one.

You might encounter with some financial problems due to your first movie making trial, but try to find a professional video-editor – trailer sells the movie. So, be simple in your creation, do not pack too much of action for 3 min. teaser, it’s gonna look cheesy

Don’t waste your money on scriptwriting contests

Scriptwriting contests is a 90% scam, so you might be ripped off as a newcomer. There are probably 3-5 websites who really do pay attention to your project, but even those are motivated completely on a personal merit of profiteering.

Concentrate your movie budget on online marketing. Remember, every penny you will spend for your movie website, video marketing, social network activity, content writing, link submission, etc is gonna pay off in one day.

The best thing about going entrepreneurial is that you do work for yourself. Even if your first zombie-piece-of-shit-movie gonna be a disappointment for you don’t despair!


Because now you’ve got a base for your second movie! Shoot a second short! Or if you’re so poor at the moment shoot a second trailer! And then 3d… and then 4th! See what I mean? Regardless of the sales and fame, you’re about to witness the growth of your traffic and publicity. After 1-2 years of hard work you gonna be noticed in a professional level and then…


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Here are some insights on how to become a movie producer from the scratch:


  1. First of all – the project. You need to have a clear and definite goal in your movie making path. Write! Write a movie script, or at least learn how to write a movie script to understand that standpoint, the core of any entertainment industry. Comer up with some blueprints and pinpoint all necessities you’ll need. Calculate the expenditure – the movie budget.
  2. Your budget. Probably the most painful and pivotal moment in your career of a movie producer. How to earn money to finance your feature film? Well there are some prospects today in global online media streaming, Many movie websites recommend to start oil business, real estate or stock market gambling, but let’s look at the problem from the real, sober standpoint – it is not your way and even if you will “try” you’ll be probably deviated from your original.
  3. So, our recommendation is to start your business activity in the same field you’re trying to perfect – mainstream online media broadcasting. Hello, Billy! You know what I’m talking about. First of all, open your website and start making “shorts” – an investment for that is not so stiff. All you need a good web-hosting, 1st level domain and a video camera – the rest will come eventually due to your growing professionalism.
  4. Create your movie channel and make series of video reviews – movie critiques (etc), and then move to your own the movie trailers! Try to build a serious online trafficking campaign (you will need that later to publicize your movie on web)
  5. Do a numerous movie trailers on different plots (here it comes, now you see why you need to learn how to write!). Every movie trailer is your peace of a movie project, a piece of a novel, a storytelling. Make it all in high quality so it will look as it from the serious movie studio.
    Open a bank account and connect it to PayPal or similar services.
  6. And here we go – capitalize you traffic. Pitch your trailer to all social networks (YouTube, Facebook, bla bla bla) and do more reviews!
    Participate in real movie making process. You might have some invitations from independent movie makers, take your opportunities and go there to see how those guys are shooting movies on stage on their own money! Learn all mistakes and technicians for free before you blow your money!
  7. Visit some theater and talk to the actors and movie makers. Important! Participate in 3 rd party projects as an assistant to learn as much as you can!
  8. After your first financial success in you need to incorporate… but about that later because it is a different stage.


[message_box]Don’t blow all your money on a cumbersome project! People don’t watch movies of unknown directors and actors. Try to invest in video marketing to create some fan base and traffic. Make numerous shorts, sketches, shows etc, to understand how online publicity works.[/message_box]

Then, you will master your director, actor and video editing skills, you will understand how it is hard to earn attention and create fuzz. That’s how producer grows from the scratch – long and stern work. Creation of massive informational cells, video materials, publicity, linking and advertising is your basis.

But if you will succeed in those basic steps we will explain you how to gain the next level in movie making!

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Your Movie Channel

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You shot a movie and the next thing you want to do is to share it, because you want to make it popular and visible for millions. Supposedly, you did the step with YouTube, but it seems to be not enough for good sales. OR maybe the video is nit noticed yet (it might take years for independent feature films).

YouTube Live LogoWhat if such media stream companies such as YouTube has blocked your video due to “disputed content”? What to do?

There is no such term as “too popular” in movie promotion

That’s right! Try to submit your movie to every possible website.

Try as many alternatives as you can. Definitely, there are a lot of so called YouTube clones you might try. But never forget to link your movie website to the other movie channels to “boast” your project.


    • create links
    • connect them to the source
    • advertise your project
    • write down reviews on your own project
    • buy reviews
    • make publicity

Remember, that the online movie promotion is a very competitive business and your project is going to be criticized from any angle.

Movie script submission

If you haven’t manage a movie trailer and you have only a movie script don’t be desperate. You could always find some online ways to submit your movie script to the screenwriting directories and script contests. Be careful with your choice, now days there are a lot of scams trying to rip off your money.

      • Deliberately surf around every corner, connect your movie project to Facebook or other social media, ask people for most reliable channels.
      • try to email queries directly to the movie studios.


Diligent and manual work such as a movie submission, movie uploading or movie reviewing might be a tedious task for the first time. But be patient, working in that way you’re going to bolster your project with the webs of clicks = popularity = potential investment.

Have a good luck in your search!

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Your Movie Channel

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  • Where to begin?

There are certain problems which might occur with any rookie screenwriter on the first steps of his career. First of all, as a movie writer or a script writer you need to think as a movie maker (producer). After you has realized that you have some idea, some plot try to pen it down on paper – that’s gonna be your sketching

  • Screenwriting format

As in Word or as in any other text editor it’s easy to set the following margins:

  1. Dialog left margin of 2.7” right margin of 2.4“.
  2. Character names left margin of 4.1“.
  3. Parenthetical direction within dialog left margin of 3.4” and a right margin of 3.1“.
  4. Scenes transitions such as CUT TO: and FADE OUT. have a left margin of 6.0″.
  5. Scene/shot numbers: When a script is numbered in preproduction, the left number is placed 1.0″ from the left edge of the page and the right scene number is placed 7.4″ from the left edge of the page.
  6. Top page margin is .5″ (or three single lines) before the page number. A single blank line separates the page number from the body of the script, which begins with either a CONTINUED: or a new shot heading/slug line.
  7. Bottom page margin is at least .5″ (or three single lines) following the (CONTINUED) or the end of a scene.
  8. Total page length is a maximum of 60 lines, including page number and CONTINUEDs (but not including the 3 line margins at the top and bottom of the page).
  9. Paper size is 8.5″ wide by 11″ long.


  • Font

Use 12-point Courier (not Courier New) or Prestige Pica. These are fixed-pitch fonts that yield ten (10) characters per horizontal inch and six (6) lines per vertical inch. You can download those fonts on the bottom of this page and import it ot your text editor.

  • Visual Example of your movie script


pulp fiction movie script


  • Download movie script template!

Just download the movie script template with preset margins and start writing your movie immediately.

  • Download the Final Draft Courier font!

Don’t forget to download the Final Draft Courier font for free, because it comes only with the software and many word processing programs do not include them. Now using these templates and fonts you can have your own screenwriting software for free!

some useful screenwriting websites you might visit:

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Your Movie Channel

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Many people are asking now days what type of camera to use in their first feature film? What digital resolution is optimal, what format? HDV? Maybe rent that well known RED ONE? Never break your head concerning HDV – forget all variants regarding this format of digital madness. Shoot on on film and only on film! You can be smart enough to make a conclusion that a film is the essence of movie making. Shooting on digital you’re shooting video but not a feature!

Go to your local rent apartment and inquire more about “cheapest ARRI 35mm for a day”. Take only a camera kit (with tripod and lights), don’t rent any separate parts, because of the disposable nature of the film equipment and lack of the professional knowledge in technicals will cause you only problems and additional expenses.

Rent ARRI or other 35 mm camera for a day! It will cost you around 2-3 K. Just think about you will be shooting a your feature movie on the same equipment James Cameron and David Fincher done. Why it is preferable to have a 35mm camera for 1 day than any HDV for a week? Because you need a film not a video soap for TV shows. Your movie should look professional if you mind to have any producers be interested in you. Nobody buy now days digital stuff, because of its huge competition on the market.

Anyway just think about that, you rent a room or a warehouse or just go in any forest if you want to shoot your “Blair Witch” with your professional film equipment and shoot your whole footage for 24 hours! Hitchcock does that, why do you think you cannot do that? Write an appropriate movie scrip for that, with only 1 or 2 locations, like room or a warehouse! Remember the “Room” or the “Reservoir Dogs? Make a criminal mess or a zombie massacre in your place with the twisting plot and smart realistic diologs and that will be it!

Your first movie. But by God  it will on 35mm! How many people you know who shoot their first movie on 35mm? Many start waisting their time on digital putrid shit and then regret that.

Another advice, stop argueing about those cheap lines like “Digital vs Film”, there is no logical need in that. This is not a question about quality or resolution. Let me put it in a right way:

Digital is Digital, Film is Film!

Are you making a film or what?


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Video Streaming – Where To Publish My Movie?

Before going to be noticed by the major movie producers, you should launch your first independent project through the direct video stream. It is a long and complicated process, but if you will succeed in that If you will get your promotion. If somebody will notice your talent you will might have that slighted chance to have that TV contract and then… then we do recommend you to shoot another movie!

Upload it and forget!

Today every idiot of the earth shoots his drama and action thriller. Many successful companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google are  striving for that video stream domination.  And it is very justified and logical -on-line movie channels are becoming more affordable and more influent.

So you’ve finished you movie, and you probably think now that you’re a star because you’ve uploaded in on You-Tube! Wow, you’ve even have to manage your own movie site? That’s great… But the problem is…

There are millions of people like you who are doing it every day!

Where is your sense of competition? Do you really believe that people will watch your movie even on-line just because its on-line? Do you really believe that somebody will notice your “original” movie tittle. Your broadcasting plan is simple:

  1. get the HD picture
  2. get the best title
  3. get the best poster
  4. get the best on-line publicists (like this site)
  5. and finally, start your video streaming campaign!


Attention – valuable information!

The whole process of the on-line distribution will take from you a month as minimum, if you are working alone. And many independent movie makers are working alone.

Don’t you think that the video streaming is the synonym of You Tube – no its not. Though it is the most popular amongst them but, there are a lot of options:

  1. Yahoo! Video  the notorious video streamer. Sign Up and upload your HD trailer there. People will eventually find it if you will put tags or links for that particular trailer.
  2. probably the biggest competitor for You Tube and our constant partner. The good thing about Vimeo, is that it has a PR8 in Google. Now the question is: “Do you need a PR8 link to your freaking movie site for free or not?”
  3. a lot of idiots are sitting there. Want to surprise them? There is an Entertainment section for your feature movie trailer. Now go there and upload it!
  4. OpenFilm – another giant of independent movie distribution and promotion. Its Advisory Board includes members of the film industry, such as James Caan, Robert Duvall, Scott Caan and Mark Rydell.
  5. Break.comanother free video streamer. Submission guarantee. What else do you need?
  6. Crackle – it has featured movie section! Exactly what you need! Never heard about that alternative? That’s because you were doodling too much on You Tube!
  7. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home another free giant. Easy to upload easy to share – must have!
  8. Metacafe – the video entertainment engine. Does that phrase means anything for you?
  9. another amazing movie channel where you will find tons of feature movies and animation! Broadcast only for USA.
  10. Lafango – website that allows users to create profiles, upload and share unlimited media (audio, video, images, and text), communicate in user created communities, compete in contests, create free electronic press kits, and blog!
  11. LiveLeak –  another valuable video share on-line stream. Very easy to use and very easy upload for your movie project.
  12. Myspace – another notorious social network with vast amount of video stream.
  13. Ourmedia – the title speaks for itself. And entertainment project which is definitely worthy to use in your movie business.
  14. Viddler – is an interactive on-line video platform for uploading, sharing, enhancing, tagging, commenting on, and forming groups around videos. Viddler provides a free service for non-commercial users and a paid service for businesses.
  15. – another worthy alternative for You Tube. It is a free video sharing website and social-media network that allows users to upload self-generated video content.
  16. Zoopy – an on-line and mobile social media community, hosting user generated videos, photos and audio.

[note_box]All those channels are “socially integrated” – I personally don’t like that word, because our society has already turned into something virtual and dead – but those video streamers are full with the Facebook integrations and also has its own audience, so your chances on success are getting higher and higher with the every uploading of your movie to different web sites![/note_box]

Another plus here is that you’re also submitting your movie website link to those movie hosters for free! And they are mostly PR6 as minimum!

Good luck in your movie making!


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