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4 Creepy Connections Between the Transformers: Age of Extinction villain, Joshua Joyce, and real-life technology mogul Robert Bigelow – aliens, UFOs, Skinwalker Ranch

Videos of UFO sightings over Skinwalker Ranch:

The Best Movie Channels on Web?

here is some list of free movie channels where you could watch your favorite movies and TV serials for free

Non-conformity in Moviemaking

Non-conformity in movie making is an act prevailing the substance of approval. Non-conformity does not apply to any rules and does not obey to any sub-sequential degree of thinking. Perhaps, the best example of non-conformity in movie industry is a predestination of movie producers...

Psychological Drama Dellusion

Many people consider psychological drama as a way of expression of our inner sins and misdeeds. However the cinema of the 21 century thinks opposite. Psychological drama became a prevalent franchise Thelma and Luise. A broken hearts rushing from place to place to cherish the way of freedom.
Nerd of the Living Dead is a uniquely crafted, tongue-in-cheek send-up of George A. Romero's 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead. In this derivative work, new footage and characters are meticulously woven into the historic film, with the result that the dialogue and acting of the original become part of a completely different story.
I was a huge fan of Britney since Kurt Kubain died in the car accident, but since then a lot of time have passed and Britney has changed for me forever. Look at this photos below - she looks like a prostitute! It is a shame! Oh, Britney you are so fucking sexy!
One of the outstanding and original works of the legendary and mighty Black Sabbath of the post-0zzy era has been laying in a dust of fame for a long while. Why its ended up only in UK charts and small copy sells in the US? Why its happened that the most influential work since "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" became an atrocious sore and pumpkin for biased critics?
Have you ever dreamed about a toiled with the remote control, neon lights and sensor panels? Wanna take some shit but don't want to smear your hands against the ordinary toilet plastic? Well, fuck all! Grab your I-phone and push the butt-on the Kohler toilet and it will reveal itself!

ohhhREALY the mashup INVASION

ohhhREALY the mashup INVASION. The compilation of the craziest You Tube clips!

An end to classic cars in Cuba? NO FUCKING SHIT!

Look at the Cuba car market, it is still in a pre-historic dominance of American and Soviet cars of 50's and 60's! Many Cubans even never had in their lives that opportunity to seat on modern cars of XXI century! Holy fuck, the guys are still driving Plymouth and Chevy of their grandparents!